15 Unique Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas

It’s such an exciting time when you find out you’re going to be a parent, and the news that your little one will be a boy or a girl just amps up the anticipation even more. Will you keep it a secret so everyone else, including yourself, can be surprised? Or would you rather be the only one who knows and surprises your family and friends?

If you are planning a gender reveal theme party and need ideas, you have come to the right place! We have found all of the very best ideas for throwing a gender reveal party and will help you find your favorite way to share the gender of your child with your family and friends!

1. We Donut Know 

Everyone loves donuts, and the donut gender reveal theme is a perfect and easy celebration to have in the morning or for brunch. Of course, if the mom-to-be is craving donuts, you can have this party at any time of the day.

In fact, if you have Krispy Kreme donuts near you, you can even order your gender reveal donuts. It doesn’t get much easier than this. It is also a fantastic idea if you want to take the party and set it up somewhere else, like the grandparents’ house or the office. We think it would be so fun for the expecting teacher to bring a box of donuts to her class at school! 

The decor can be as straightforward or as unique as you choose. Just invite everyone over for donuts and coffee, or go all out with pink and blue donut theme decor.

Donut balloons can be picked up at the party store, and unique donut displays made just for parties can be made or ordered for a spectacular centerpiece.

2. Wheels or heels? 

This gender reveal party theme is excellent for race fans, monster truck lovers, motocross junkies, or anyone who loves things that go “beep”! Many women are also into cars and trucks, so don’t assume this is solely a topic for men.

We absolutely adore it when a gender reveal theme can reflect an interest or hobby. It just makes the celebration more personal and fun for the family.

From a drink “refueling station” to cookies decorated as spare tires and matchbox car favors, there are many cute ideas to make a statement with the wheels and heels party. If you are more into the “heel” part of the theme, high-heel cupcake toppers and pink decorations will bring a girly contrast to the reveal.

Use metallic gold and white to keep this theme more sophisticated. Wheels can also mean a fantastic sports car like a Ferrari! So make this theme all your own, and let us know what your favorite “wheels” are!

3. About to “pop” 

Sometimes something as simple as a balloon can be the most spectacular when used in large groupings! Consider a balloon wall backdrop in pink and blue. With this gender reveal theme, you can’t have too many balloons.

Choose pink and blue, or your two favorite colors, to represent a boy and a girl. When it comes time for the reveal, pop an extra giant balloon filled with pink or blue confetti to find out if you are having a boy or a girl!  

4. What will it bee? 

Everyone is sure to be buzzing over this adorable bee-themed gender reveal. This cute beehive-shaped pinata makes the party. Let the mom and dad give it a whack, and everyone will be surprised as either pink or blue candy or confetti comes pouring out of the beehive.

We love the idea of giving out little bottles of honey with the baby’s due date or name on a personalized label. Decorate with yellow, black, and white balloons and bee-themed decor for a fun and easy party celebrating your little bee!

5. What’s the scoop? 

What’s better than one scoop of ice cream? If you’re a pregnant mom-to-be, it’s two scoops to find out if it’s a boy or girl! We love the classic pink and blue color combo for this ice cream-themed gender reveal party.

Whether you serve ice cream or just have ice cream decor, this sweet party will have everyone excited to find out if it’s a boy or girl.  

An ice cream decor garland or bunting will be the perfect accent for the gender reveal party. But it will also be ideal for hanging in the baby’s nursery as a sweet reminder of the day! 

6. Fore: A golf par-tee

If you’re a dad who loves golf, this golf-themed gender reveal theme will excite you about your little golfer on the way. There are a couple of different themes to go with a golf idea. We love “Tee Time or Tea Party” and “Putter or Pearls.”

Of course, everyone knows girls like to golf too! So whether it’s a girl or boy on the way, you can get your little golfer into the swing of things by celebrating their arrival with a golf party. Of course, the big reveal comes in the form of a putt and chip competition, with the golf ball exploding into a powder of pink or blue.

Use fancy tea cups for the tea party decor and mix in golf-themed napkins and pink and blue golf tees spread out on the table. A great take-home gift for your guests will be personalized golf balls engraved with the baby’s name and due date.  

7. Prince or Princess 

Are you counting the days until your little one is old enough to watch the classic Disney Princess movies? If you answered yes, this classy royalty-theme gender reveal party may be a perfect choice! 

A prince or princess gender reveal is the ideal theme if the mom-to-be wants to dress up as a royal Queen. We suggest a sparkly tiara for the mom-to-be because, surprisingly, there aren’t many opportunities to wear a crown in everyday life! Plan your decor around the character if you have a favorite prince or princess. Otherwise, anything royal or court-themed will do!

8. Twinkle, twinkle, little star

A star gender reveal party is another great idea if you prefer other colors in your theme besides the traditional pink and blue. Star and moon decorations will be the centerpiece of this celestial gender reveal theme.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star can be cute and adorable or make it more sophisticated at an evening dinner for adults only with white cloth napkins, metallic gold stars, and a sit-down dinner. A fun and modern twist is to use the baby’s zodiac sign to play up the star theme.

Photo: Vandi Fair

We love this cute twinkle, twinkle little star game. Get your guests involved in this theme by letting them guess the gender: boy or girl on a themed pinboard.  

9. Scavenger Hunt

Nothing will top a well-planned scavenger hunt if you have kids or teens you want to include in the gender reveal. The more neighbors or family members you can fit into the pursuit, the more exciting it will be and keep everyone excited until the very end.

One way is to have the groups collect traditional “boy” and “girl” items and then count which gender has the most at the end. Or, you could have a more traditional scavenger hunt, and the last clue can lead the participants to the big announcement.

10. Buck or Doe

Is the dad an avid hunter or sportsman? If so, the buck or doe gender reveal might be perfect for him! This party is all about deer decor. You can go all in and make it a camo theme with bright safety orange accents, or take a more classic approach and focus on woodland and forest creatures.

For the reveal, try a hunting game! Pin a balloon to a tree and “shoot” it open to see whether it has pink or blue confetti. You could use a nerf gun, a bow and arrow set, or even a big safety pin to open the balloon!

11. Taco about a baby

If you want to entice all of your guests to come to your gender reveal party, have a taco-themed gender reveal! The fiesta gender reveal is one of the most popular parties because everyone loves a Mexican feast! This party is all about the food!

Buffet-style works excellent for a taco bar; another perk is that it is easy to set up a fantastic taco bar or even have it catered. We love the little senor and senorita cookies as a show-stopping dessert or favor.

Brightly colored decorations, tablecloths, and napkins are an easy way to decorate and make it feel festive. When it’s time for the gender reveal, a pinata fits in perfectly with the taco about a baby theme and is a great way to finish the celebration!

12. Cupcake or stud muffin?

Have your cake and eat too-find out if it’s pink or blue! This adorable gender reveal theme doesn’t get much sweeter. The cakes reveal the gender in this clever theme. If you have pink on the inside, you know it’s a girl, and obviously, blue means boy.

Another idea is to serve a large cake as a centerpiece with tiny baby cupcakes scattered around. The cake can be homemade or decorated fancy at the bakery. Either way is a sweet choice for one of our favorite gender reveal themes!

We know getting a cute stud muffin or cupcake invitation in the mail would have us so excited to get to the gender reveal. If you include children, another fun idea is to let them decorate the top of their cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles in pink or blue and let them guess what the gender will be.

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13. Touchdowns and tutus

If you are a sports fan, this will probably be your favorite theme! A combination of football and ballet will melt every heart, and everybody will cheer to find out the gender. Decorate with football-themed plates and cups, and even bet whether a “boy” or “girl” will be the winner!

Another fun version is the touchdown and pom-pom theme. It is especially great if the mom and dad pull for opposing teams. You can use a football vs. cheerleader theme to get the friendly rivalry going!

14. Waddle it be?

The iconic rubber duckie makes an appearance in this cute gender reveal theme. Rubber ducks make adorable decor and favors. Accent your duck theme with blue and white polka dots for a charming gender reveal party.

When you are ready for the gender reveal, a cute idea is to have ducks floating in a tub with pink or blue stamped on the bottom of one lucky duck. Let guests pick a duck until the lucky duck has been selected and the gender has been revealed!

15. Harry Potter

Is it a witch or a wizard? Harry Potter fans will rejoice over this magical gender reveal theme. Let the sorting hat predict if it is a boy or a girl. Lots of magic and sorcery decor will make this party memorable. We love the idea of potions served for drinks and themed foods for snacks.  

A magic prophecy ball is another great option if you aren’t into the sorting hat. Or concoct a magical potion that turns pink or blue. After the gender reveal, a Harry Potter movie marathon will be a perfect way to end the celebration and dream of your soon-to-be-born muggle.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is a unique gathering where family and friends of the soon-to-be parents share the gender of their unborn child. Sometimes, even the parents themselves want to get in on the surprise.

The concept behind a gender reveal party is relatively straightforward. You just throw a fun party for anyone and everyone you want to invite, and you all celebrate the revelation of the sex of your unborn child together. 

How to Host a Gender Reveal Party

It is perfectly acceptable and typical for the mom and dad to find out the gender of their child at the celebration as well. This gathering used to be a private tradition that only parents participated in together. 

However, in recent years, gender reveal parties have evolved into an event that takes place before the baby shower. These get-togethers, in contrast to baby showers, are often less formal and are open to people of both sexes.

It could be a large-scale event or a more personal get-together with just a few close friends and family members. This fun celebration doesn’t have many guidelines to follow, if any at all. The point of this fun party is for the soon-to-be parents to break the news of their pregnancy to those who are important to them in a way that will be memorable and unique.

How to Choose a Gender Reveal Theme

The nine months of pregnancy are full of planning and preparation, and throwing a party to celebrate the gender fits right into this planning mode. Choosing a theme for your gender reveal celebration makes hosting a party easy!

It narrows down the selection of games and decor and creates a more enjoyable and cohesive event for your guests. It also helps excitement build as everyone gets into the theme and waits for the BIG reveal at the party. 

If you don’t immediately know what theme you want to use, think about common interests the soon-to-be parents have, and that will be a great starting point. Do they love sports? Or perhaps they both have a sweet tooth?