17 Unique Gender Reveal Cake Ideas to Spread the News

It is that exciting time to announce the gender of your baby. Nowadays, you can determine the gender of your baby at 10 weeks. However, if you decided to get the bloodwork testing done at 10 weeks or have waited till the 20-week ultrasound, I bet you can’t wait to share the news with your family and friends or even find out for yourself. 

One of the most popular ways to reveal a baby’s gender is with a surprise gender reveal cake. A gender reveal cake is a beautifully decorated cake. The outside of the cake says nothing about the gender of the child. However, when you cut the cake, it becomes clear whether you are having a boy or a girl. The cake typically has a pink filling for a girl and a blue filling for a boy.

If you want to reveal your baby’s gender to friends and family with a cake but can’t find a creative idea, then you have come to the right place, and I am here to help. 

In this article, I will give you 17 gender reveal cake ideas that are sure to announce the sex of your baby uniquely and unforgettably. 

1. Team Blue vs. Team Pink Cake

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This cake might be perfect for you if you are looking for simple gender-reveal cake ideas. The cake is decorated with a blue and pink ribbon with toppers that say “team girl” or “team boy.” 

Here’s a fun party idea; have your guests guess the gender and pick either “team blue” or “team pink” before you cut the cake. 

You can also opt for different color combinations or simply “team girl” or “team boy.” 

If you want to bake your cake, then find that perfect vanilla cake recipe and dye the cake batter the correct color. Then add white icing and decorate with blue and pink fondant. Wilton shares some helpful videos on how to work with fondant if you are a beginner decorating cakes with this product.

2. Owl Themed Cake

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This gender reveal cake has two owls with “guess whoo?” written on the top layer. This cake is a creative and adorable take on traditional gender reveals. This design can work for any size of cake. 

If you have the artistic talent to make the owls with fondant, then I recommend making your owl. However, if you are like me and making my own looks pretty intimidating, you can purchase a set of owls to add to the cake. You can then use this letter and number fondant cutter set to cut “guess whoo?” out of the fondant. 

3. Elegant Blue and Pink Floral Cake

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You can create a variety of unique designs with just icing. For example, the cake pictured above has a beautiful half-pink and half-blue floral frosting. This design is perfect if you want to bake your gender reveal cake. Here is a great video to help you create a beautiful frosting design.

4. Lullaby Themed Cake 

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Having a lullaby-themed cake is a creative way to reveal the gender of your baby. The best lullaby to use is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Inscribe the lyrics shown on the cake above, decorate with fondant stars, and finish with a blue or pink ribbon. This cake can be ideal for you if you’re having a small gender reveal party because the design works well on a small cake.

5. Prince or Princess Cake

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Opt for a glamorous prince or princess cake if you’re looking for something fancy to impress your friends and family. 

The cake will be split in half by a fondant ribbon. Then, with an edible food pen, you can write “prince” on one side and “princess” on the other. Then top the cake with a prince crown and a princess crown. The rest of the cake is decorated with edible pearls

6. It’s a…

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With this cake design, you can keep it simple but retain uniqueness and elegance. Use a round cake tin and ice the cake with a border of pink, blue, and white icing. Finish by adding sprinkles and topping with an “It’s a…” cake topper

This cake idea is extra special because you and your guests can all say, “It’s a…” right before you cut the cake to reveal the baby’s gender. 

7. Girl or Boy Baby Feet Cake

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This next cake is a white round cake featuring a pair of fondant baby feet with the words “girl or boy” inscribed on the cake. Including a blue and pink ribbon on the bottom of the cake adds even more creativity to this cake design. Your friends and family will talk about this cake for years to come. If you are looking for three-dimensional feet, you will have to take this one to a professional baker. But if you are looking for smaller, flat feet, this baby foot mold will work perfectly. 

If you are going to use the baby foot mold, melt blue and pink chocolate, pour it into the mold, and then let it harden. You will then need blue and pink fondant and blue and pink icing pens for the rest of the decorations. 

8. What’s the Scoop Ice Cream Cake

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If you’d like a unique design and a unique flavor for your gender reveal cake, consider making an ice cream cake with the words: “what’s the scoop” written on it and a blue and pink drip effect. 

This fake ice cream video will help make the scoops if you want to make this cake at home. You will also need to know how to do a cake drip. This tutorial should help! 

You could also buy a plain cake at the store and decorate it if you don’t want to bake your cake. 

9. He or She… We can’t wait to see

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This stunning cake is another simple yet creative gender reveal cake design. You can bake as many layers as you wish, decorate with blue and pink shoes, and inscribe “he or she.. we can’t wait to see” at the base. 

10. Football and Ballet-Themed Cake

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Are you a football fan? Are you a fan of dancing? If so, this sports and dance-themed cake is made for you. The cake is split in half, with a football theme on the left and a ballet theme on the right. Being slightly messy when applying the green frosting will help you achieve more realistic-looking grass.

In this picture, the football and ballet slipper are made from fondant. You can check out Wilton’s blog for some tips on using fondant. I would hire a local baker if you don’t feel you can make them yourself. 

11. A Rainbow Cake 

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 A gender reveal party is a happy occasion for you, and you can’t get a happier-looking cake than a rainbow cake, especially if you are celebrating with a rainbow baby. You can be as creative as you want with the cake or keep it simple. 

A cake like the one pictured above can be pretty challenging to bake, so if you’re a beginner baker, it might be best to go to a professional cake maker.

12. Teddy Bear Cake

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I think this is one of the most adorable cakes on the list, and it is straightforward to bake. All you need is a teddy bear cake tin, and follow this teddy bear cake recipe

13. Candy Center Cake 

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If you’re looking for a fun and sophisticated gender reveal cake, you can bake a cake and include blue or pink candies in the center. Follow this video to learn how to add candy to the center of a cake. You could also top it with a girl or boy banner like the one in the photo.

14. Blue, White, and Pink Swirl Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a quick and straightforward way to reveal your baby’s gender with cake. Rather than just making plain pink or blue cupcakes, try these pink, blue, and white swirl cupcakes. 

The cupcakes will need to be filled with a pink or blue filling. This cupcake filling tutorial will show you how to add the filling. 

For multi-color frosting, check out this blog for tips and tricks. 

15. Onesie Animal Cake 

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Prepare for the arrival of your little one by baking a cake in the shape of a onesie. You can decorate the cake with the frosting of your choice and top it with a duckling, elephant, teddy bear, or puppy. Just use a vanilla cake recipe and add food coloring to the cake mix before baking so that when you cut the cake, it shares the gender. You can also add blue or pink sprinkles for a funfetti look. 

16. A Plain Cake With a Baby Topper

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A plain cake with a baby topper is a unique and classy way to reveal your baby’s gender. Buy or bake a cake with white fondant and the cake being the color of the gender. Then top it with a baby boy or baby girl cake decoration. If you’re revealing the gender by cutting the cake, place both genders on top. You could also put one gender on the cake, so you don’t have to worry about the cake being a specific color. This type of cake is also a great way to announce that you are having twins. 

17. Additional Cake Toppers

If you feel overwhelmed looking at all these decorated cakes, another option is to get a store-bought cake or bake your cake and add a simple cake topper. 

Here are some cute toppers:

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How much will a gender reveal cake cost? 

It depends on how complex you want your cake to be and if you’re baking it yourself or hiring a professional.

Buying a simple cake from the grocery store or ingredients to bake your cake could cost anywhere between $15 and $35, but if you’re after something professional and unique, you can expect to pay up to $200. 

What flavor can a gender-reveal cake be? 

It’s up to you and your taste preferences. It will be a good idea to choose a popular flavor that you also like to ensure everyone can enjoy a slice. Here are some ideas: 

– Red velvet
– Lemon
– Coconut
– Chocolate fudge
– Vanilla

Do I have to use pink or blue?

While pink and blue are the traditional gender colors in gender reveal cakes, you can use any colors you want — make sure your guests know which color symbolizes the specific gender. Here are some unique color combination ideas:

– Purple and green
– Navy and rose gold


Revealing the gender of your baby is an exciting time for you. Sharing your baby’s gender with a delicious, adorable cake will be a tasty treat at your gender reveal party.