The 8 Most Dreamy Winter Baby Shower Ideas

Image: Nitzan Keynan

Winter may be one of the more drearier seasons of the year, but that doesn’t mean that your baby shower has to be too. 

There are so many beautiful winter-themed baby shower ideas, from spectacular winter wonderland-themed showers to elegant, let it snow-themed celebrations. 

To help you plan the ultimate winter baby shower, whether that be for a friend, a family member, or even yourself, I’ve put together some of my favorite winter baby shower theme ideas, with invites, decorations, food, and party favor suggestions so you have everything you’ll need, all in one place. 

1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Everyone has heard the Christmas hit “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and in saying that, the lyrics are probably already playing in your head. 

This well-known song title makes for the perfect baby shower theme, and as it is slightly more general than other theme ideas on this list, you can decorate in almost any way you wish.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Invites

Invites get your guests excited for your baby shower, and whether you’re sticking to a budget and creating the invites yourself or buying them premade and mailing them out to your friends, there are a few different options to choose from.

Premade invites that you fill in and mail are the more personal option of the two, and these silver Baby, It’s Cold Outside invites are a fantastic choice that will match any winter inspired theming. 

Alternatively, if the expectant mother-to-be is having a baby girl and you’re leaning toward more pink theming for the party, these pink Baby, It’s Cold Outside invites would be a more suitable option.

For budget-friendly ideas, head to websites like Canva, where you can edit existing templates or create your invite from scratch. Once you’ve finished the design, you can mail the invite out to your guest list, keeping invite costs minimal. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Decorations

Decorations pull your theme together, and with so many decoration choices, you are lost for choice.

I love to start my decorating off with balloons and garlands, and for a Baby, It’s Cold Outside baby shower, you can opt for silver and white balloons, adding touches of blue and pink if you know the baby’s gender.

This silver garland, balloons, and cake topper set, for example, will incorporate the Baby, It’s Cold Outside theme nicely, and if you want to showcase the fact that the baby is a boy or a girl, then it also comes in pink and blue.

Backdrops are another simple touch that ties in the baby shower’s theme and works as a backdrop for photos with the expectant mother. I love this Baby, It’s Cold outside backdrop as it’s elegant, large, and comes with a stand.

Finish your decorating by hanging snowflake decorations. For baby showers on a budget, you can make the snowflakes yourself with paper, scissors, and some string. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Party Favors

If you want to send your guests home with a party favor, then you can add these Baby, It’s Cold Outside stickers in pink or blue to the bottom of Hershey’s kisses and place them in Baby, It’s Cold Outside party bags along with other treats or unique gifts.

2. Dreaming of a White Christmas

Image: Kara’s Party Ideas

Everyone has dreamt of a white Christmas at some point in their life, and this simple yet beautiful baby shower theme can make those dreams come true (kind of.)

For a White Christmas baby shower, the majority of your decorations and theming will be white, but you can also add silvers and golds into the mix for a more shimmery look. 

White Christmas Invites

If you don’t have the time, patience, or skills to create your invites online, then I love the simplicity of these white and gold baby shower invites.

Alternatively, if you are tech-savvy, create your invites with a white background, adding touches of silver and gold.

White Christmas Decorations

I will admit that over the years, I have become obsessed with balloon arches, and although they may seem difficult to assemble at first, once you get the hang of it, they elevate your party to a whole new level.

For a white Christmas themed baby shower, start with a white balloon arch and sparsely add gold and silver balloons. Be careful you don’t overdo it with the gold and silver, however, as it could take away from the theme. 

If you want to take your balloon display up a notch, you can also blow up snowflake-shaped balloons and tie them to the arch.

Another great white Christmas baby shower decoration that sticks with the white theme are these reasonably priced but premium-looking baby boxes that you can fill with white balloons.

White Christmas Favors

Handmade party favors are the best option for any party as they can keep costs low and add a more personal touch to the gift. Make and decorate snowflake-shaped cookies with snowflake cutters for a white Christmas baby shower and give them to your guests in mesh snowflake bags.

3. Traditional Christmas

Image: Baby Shower Ideas 4U

A Traditional Christmas-themed baby shower is quite possibly one of the easiest theme routes to head down because you will likely have all the necessary decorations. Heck, if the baby shower is in December, then you’ve probably got the decorations on display, meaning you’ll have minimal setup to do.

Traditional Christmas Invites

Invite your guests to the baby shower with these A Merry Little Baby Shower invites that you can edit, download, and send out to your friends via email. Alternatively, you can print the invites out and send them via mail if you wish. 

Traditional Christmas Decorations

As I mentioned previously, you likely have a whole heap of decorations you can use for your baby shower, and if you haven’t already got your tree up, that is your very first decorating task. 

If you think your Christmas decorations aren’t enough, this extravagant Christmas balloon arch equipped with adorable balloon candy canes will top the theme off nicely.

Traditional Christmas Favors

Candles make great party favors, and thankfully, Christmas candles come in various scents. This 10-pack of assorted Christmas Yankee Candles is a great option for favors, as you can give a different scented candle to each guest.

4. Santa Baby

Another baby shower theme taken from a popular Christmas song is Santa Baby. For the most part, you’ll be using red and white decorations to match this theme, but you can also add some green and incorporate your own Christmas decorations if you have any. 

Santa Baby Invites

Premade, editable, and ready-to-download party invitations take all the stress and hassle out of sending your guests invites. These Santa Baby invites are beautiful, and once you’ve edited in all your details and downloaded them to your computer, you can email them out to your friends and invite them to the shower. 

Santa Baby Decorations

Red and white balloons in an arch or bunches will be the center point for your Santa Baby baby shower, along with any other Christmas decorations you already have on display. 

If you want to add a few more subtle smaller decorations, opt for this Santa Baby cake topper or these Santa Baby cupcake toppers.

5. We Can Bearly Wait

When you think of winter and animals, one of the first that comes to mind is more than likely polar bears. And although polar bears are very dangerous, they’re also extremely adorable at the same time, making them a great theme idea for a baby shower.

We Can Bearly Wait Invites

Send your guests these editable We Can Bearly Wait baby shower invites that star an adorable baby polar bear. The cuteness of these invites is guaranteed to get your guests excited for the upcoming baby shower celebration.

We Can Bearly Wait Decorations

As polar bears live in the snow, you can stick with white theming for your baby shower decorations. Include this white balloon arch and these walking polar bear balloons to represent your theme perfectly. Your guests can even take the polar balloons home as party favors to kill two birds with one stone!

6. A Little Snowflake Is On The Way

Image: Catch My Party

Another theme that will consist of mainly white and snowflake-inspired decorations is A Little Snowflake Is On The Way. 

A Little Snowflake Is On The Way Invites

I love these extremely elegant and simple A Little Snowflake Is On The Way invites that you can edit, download, and send via email or print out and mail to your guests.

A Little Snowflake Is On The Way Decorations

Decorate your baby shower venue with white and silver balloons, and add snowflake patterned balloons to top the display off.

If you know the baby’s gender, you can also hang a little snowflake garland in pink or blue or opt for plain silver if the gender is a surprise. 

Additional decorations you can include in your A Snowflake Is On The Way baby shower are this cake topper, these paper cups and plates, and these snowflake decorations that you can purchase or DIY yourself.

7. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is another of my winter baby shower ideas, as you can practically decorate however you wish. It is relatively straightforward and simple. For the most part, stick to whites, golds, and silvers, but you can add pastel pinks and blues depending on the baby’s gender. 

Winter Wonderland Invites

Start the party planning off with these Winter Wonderland-themed baby shower invites. In some instances, I think that less is more, and although these invites are simple, they are beautiful and perfect for a baby shower.

Winter Wonderland Decorations

Like some of the other themes, I’ve mentioned today, decorate your baby shower venue with a white balloon arch, adding touches of silver and gold if you wish.

Snowflake decorations, strings of fairy lights, and a winter wonderland garland are other great decor items that will tie your baby shower theme together.

Winter Wonderland Favors

For a winter wonderland-themed party favor, put mini DIY hot chocolate kits together. Get mason jars with screw-on lids and fill them with cocoa powder and mini marshmallows. Finish off the jar by tying string around the top, and hand them out to your guests once the party is finished!

8. New Year, New Baby

The final of my winter baby shower ideas is a New Year, New Baby theme, which is ideal for baby showers taking place around the new year.

New Year, New Baby Invites

Most new years parties are decorated with golds, silvers, and whites, so sticking with these colors will help the theme flow through your baby shower. 

If you prefer sending out hard copy invites to your friend’s home address, these gold baby shower invites are the perfect invite option. 

New Year, New Baby Decorations

No party is complete without a balloon arch, and this balloon arch kit incorporates the gold, silver, and white party theme. Finish off the arch with a new year, new baby garland that you can customize in white, silver, or gold, and your New Year, New Baby baby shower is ready to go!


I hope these winter baby shower ideas have helped you choose the perfect theme for your upcoming baby shower. 

It’s important to remember that baby showers don’t need to break the bank and for tips, tricks on keeping costs low, and a rough estimation of how much a baby shower will cost, check out How Much Does a Baby Shower Cost? For more information.