25 Awesome Outfit Ideas for a ’90s Party

Are you heading out for a ’90s party, but you’re unsure of what to wear? Maybe you want to dress as an iconic ’90s celebrity or character for Halloween. Whatever it may be, if you’re looking for the perfect ’90s attire for your next bash, you have come to the right place!

The ’90s host a large range of fashion options, which means no matter your style, there is something here for everyone. In fact, ’90s fashion is currently making a comeback, so you may be surprised to find some of these items already in your closet.

’90s hip-hop attire

The ’90s fashion industry was greatly influenced by the time’s popular hip-hop stars. Depending on your inspiration, there’s a wide range of looks that fall within this category. Bright colors, denim, and oversized t-shirts are a good place to start when going for the ’90s hip-hop look.

Bright Colors

A brightly colored windbreaker, tye-dye T-shirt, or patterned sweatshirt is a great way to start this look. Bold patterned tops with bright colors were often worn on top of other colors. Pair your brightly colored top with baggy solid-colored jeans or cargo-style pants. Add a chunky sneaker and a colorful bucket hat to complete this look.


Overalls were a trendy look when it came to ’90s hip-hop groups. You can find many photos of both men and women sporting them throughout the ’90s hip-hop scene. To achieve this look, women can wear a fitted white tank top under a loose-fitting pair of overalls. An oversized t-shirt underneath denim overalls is another option for any gender.

Oversized Clothing

Oversized T-shirts were a staple of ’90s hip-hop fashion. The oversized look can be easily paired or added to most of our other hip-hop looks as well. For a simple oversized outfit, a large T-shirt with baggy cargo pants is an easily achievable look that will work for anyone!


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Military-style clothing was common in the ’90s hip-hop scene. Anything camo works for this look. Especially if you make it oversized or baggy. Cargo and utilitarian style camo pants are a great choice, matched with a white shirt and a camo jacket. Add some combat boots or chunky sneakers to top it off.


Nothing says the ’90s like a tracksuit! This look pretty much speaks for itself and is very easily achievable. Tracksuits come in many fabric options, and they are all great choices. Basically, as long as it’s a matching tracksuit set, it’ll work.

Grunge clothing from the 1990s

The ’90s grunge look is known for its laid-back, almost “careless” appearance. Like hip-hop attire, it came from a disdain for the societal norms of the time. ’90s grunge makes for the perfect comfy and casual party outfit. Tip: Pair any of these outfits with Converse or combat boots to add to the style.


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If you have plaid hanging in your closet, this is the perfect chance to pull it out! A long plaid shirt is the perfect piece and can be paired with many different options depending on your gender and preferences. You can pair a long plaid shirt with a band tee and ripped jeans for a simple but effective grudge look. Or you can get more creative and wear a pair of plaid cargo pants with a black shirt and beanie hat. Plaid dresses and skirts with combat boots are another easy option!


Most grunge attire consists of layers. A dark-colored long-sleeve shirt underneath a large band t-shirt is a good way to get this outfit started. Add more layers by tying a flannel or denim jacket around your waist. Pair this with ripped jeans and a chunky belt to complete this outfit. Tights underneath shorts and long socks are an excellent way to add layers to your ’90s grunge outfit.


Ripped jeans, leggings, and tights make for the perfect grunge attire. For those wanting to wear a dress, a simple dark-colored tank top dress paired with ripped tights is a great option. Ripped jeans work well for cooler weather and are very versatile. Wear your ripped jeans with your plaid or dark-colored oversized tee, and you’re ready to go!

Oversized denim

Denim jackets are a great choice as many people still wear them today, which makes them easily accessible. An oversized jean jacket is the perfect addition to any ’90s grunge outfit. In cooler climates, pair it with some ripped black jeans and a striped sweatshirt, or go with a cute plaid dress to complete your look.

Rolled up jeans

Rolled-up jeans are another ’90s grunge fashion staple. Usually done with a “mom” style jean, start by rolling the cuffs up to your ankle to show off your socks and well-worn sneakers. Pair it with an earthy-colored T-shirt or a striped sweater, and you’ll be ready for your ’90s bash.

’90s Formal Wear

Every time period has its own formal wear trends, and the ’90s certainly didn’t disappoint. Luckily, many of these pieces are having a revival, making them easy to find. For more inspiration on some of these outfits, look at photos of your favorite celebrities walking the red carpet in the 1990s.

Slip dress

Simple and elegant, the slip dress was worn to many red carpet events in the ’90s. These dresses come in many designs and colors, making them perfect for many body types. Pair a satin slip dress with pointed heels, and you’ll be ready to walk the red carpet with Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry.

Blazer & T-shirt combo

It wasn’t uncommon to see men wearing a blazer overtop of a t-shirt at formal events in the ’90s. For this look, you could choose a colorful blazer or wear classic black and pair it with a black T-shirt underneath. Add matching dress pants, and you’re ready to go!

Off-the-shoulder dress

The “off-the-shoulder” look was a trendy prom dress style in the ’90s. For this outfit, you’ll want to find an off-the-shoulder mini dress, as mini dresses seemed to be the preferred option for this style. Wear a pair of strappy heel sandals in a matching color to finish this look.

The cream suit

Who said suits needed to be black? The ’90s sure didn’t think so! If you can find one, a cream-colored suit is the perfect formal wear for any ’90s party. Add a black belt and a white t-shirt to solidify this look.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads were for men and women alike in the early ’90s! You can find many vintage suit jackets and prom dresses adorned with those puffy padded shoulders. Choose a padded shoulder garment and mix it with some of our ’90s accessory suggestions, and you’ll be ready to party like it’s 1993.

Characters and celebrities from the 1990s

The ’90s held some of the most iconic celebrity and character fashion in recent history. If you are looking for a recognizable look or going to a ’90s Halloween party, then these next outfit options are perfect.

Diana, Princess of Monaco

Diana’s attire was definitely a product of the ’90s. She has two iconic looks. Her first look is more casual. Start with an oversized sweatshirt and spandex bike shorts. Then add some long white socks and running sneakers. If you want something more formal, you’ll want to go with a black off-the-shoulder dress, black tights, pointed heels, and a chunky pearl necklace. Either of these looks is undeniably Diana.

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

These iconic characters are known for their preppy plaid ensembles. To achieve this look, you’ll want to choose either yellow plaid or navy plaid, depending on which character you’re modeling your outfit after. Both ensembles include a plaid blazer with a matching pleated skirt. Then, add a white shirt, a sweater vest, and black tights to complete your outfit.

Will Smith

If you look up ’90s fashion, you’re sure to see a tonne of Will Smith, which makes him the perfect pick for a ’90s party. There are a few options when it comes to Will Smith’s wardrobe. Option one is to wear a bold printed, short-sleeve button-up underneath a pair of denim overalls. To finish this look, you’ll want to leave one of the overall straps unbuttoned and hanging. Option two is to wear a colorful striped t-shirt paired with bright shorts and a ball cap.

Tyler Durden of Fight Club

If you’re looking for a cool vintage outfit, then this is perfect! You’ll need to wear a red leather jacket over a button-up Hawaiian printed shirt. Pair it with some jeans and sunglasses (preferably with red lenses), and you’ll be ready for fight club.

Brittney Spears “Baby One More Time” outfit

This is probably one of the most remembered outfits from a ’90s music video. To replicate this look, you’ll need a white collared button-up tied above the belly button. You’ll want to wear a black pleated skirt and knee-high black socks for bottoms. You can add some pigtails and pink pom-pom hair ties to complete your Britney Spears outfit.

’90s accessories

We can’t talk about ’90s fashion without bringing up ’90s accessories. There are many options for accessorizing your ’90s party outfit, so we’ve included a few popular ones to get you started.


Choker necklaces were all the rage in the ’90s. They come in various styles, making them a perfect accessory to go with any ’90s outfit. With lots of materials and designs to choose from, this is such a fun way to add a little something to your look.

Backward ballcap

A classic and seemingly timeless accessory, the backward baseball cap is an excellent addition to your ’90s outfit. Just look back to some of your favorite ’90s TV characters, such as Will Smith from “Fresh Prince,” for inspiration.

Yin and Yang symbols

The Yin and Yang symbol was a popular accessory trend for ’90s kids. This accessory comes in many forms, such as necklaces, rings, and T-shirts, to name a few. The simple black-and-white design makes it easy to add to most outfits.

Butterfly clips

In the ’90s, little girls and grown women alike could be found donning colorful butterfly clips. Whether your outfit is grungy, preppy, hip-hop, or athletic, these are the perfect hair accessories for any style.


Back in the day, Paisley bandanas were a big fad. There are many ways to wear a ’90s bandana, the most popular probably being in your hair. Simply roll up your bandana lengthwise and tie it around your head to add to your ’90s look.


Well, there you have it! The ’90s had something for everyone: preppy, hip-hop, grunge, and everything in between. We hope we’ve given you some good ideas. With these ’90s apparel tips, you can guarantee that the ’90s will be calling to say they want their clothes back!