42 Lovable Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Ideas

I bet you can bearly wait for this little bundle of joy to arrive. Celebrating the mama-to-be and baby with a teddy bear themed baby shower is a spectacular idea. A teddy bear themed baby shower is perfect for either a boy or a girl. 

The main color theme for a teddy bear themed party is often shades of browns, creams, and tans. Depending on the gender of the baby, you can then add pink or blue. If it is a gender-neutral party, then just use the shades of browns, cream, and tans. 

Teddy bears are adorable, cozy, and huggable, so I have gathered many super cute ideas for you to use to shower the mama-to-be with on her special day. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations

The first piece of planning a baby shower is inviting the guests. The invitation will be the guest’s first look at the party’s theme. So I recommend sending teddy bear themed invitations. 

There are many options for types of invitations. You can order pre-made invitations, personalized invitations, or electronic invitations, or you can make your own invitations. 

Just ensure you include all the details of whichever type of invitation you choose for your Teddy Bear baby shower. The invitation needs to include the date, beginning and end time, the location, and information on how to RSVP.

Teddy Bear Pre-made Invitations

This is the easiest of the options, especially this entire Teddy Bear Invitation set. It doesn’t just have the invitation, but it also has thank you cards, diaper raffle cards, and books for baby cards. This set is a neutral color theme with an adorable teddy bear. You will have to fill in all of the information with this option. 

If you only want the invitation and not looking to include the diaper raffle, thank you cards, or books for babies card, then this beautiful teddy bear invitation is just right for you. 

Teddy Bear Customized Invitation

Another option is ordering a customized invitation. Typically you have to order a template and get them printed on your own. I, however, found this blue watercolor teddy bear invitation that you can customize and order without the hassle other customized invitations have. 

If you don’t mind getting your invitations printed at a local print store, then consider Etsy for a template. If you have a good quality printer at home and card stock paper, you can print them from your home, but if you do not have those accessible, you would need to find a local store or one online that will print and ship to your house. I usually use my local CVS or Staples.

A few of my favorite invitations on Etsy include:

Teddy Bear Decorations

Balloons add the perfect touch to any party. I love the balloon arches and for a teddy bear baby shower having a teddy bear holding a bouquet of balloons is an adorable addition. 

In order to get your balloons to float, you will need a helium tank. If you plan to do a balloon arch, you don’t need helium, but you will need A LOT of air. You either need to get help from friends or family or use a balloon pump. The balloon pump is a game changer when you need to blow up many balloons like you will need to for a balloon arch. 

When I made my first balloon arch, I used the balloon pump, and it took me 2 hours, so make sure you plan accordingly. I made mine the night before, but it lasted over a week. I passed it along to another mom in my town for her son’s birthday the following weekend. If you plan to create one, I love this brown shaded balloon arch kit for a neutral baby shower, this brown and blue balloon arch kit for a boy baby shower, and this pink and brown option for a girl. 

If you are in need of additional balloons to create the teddy bear holding the bouquet of balloons, you can pick from the many color options here.

Teddy Bear Centerpieces

teddy bear centerpiece balloons
Credit: @luna.loons

One of the cutest centerpieces I have seen was one for a teddy bear baby shower. The teddy bears and balloons are adorable together, and this tutorial will help you create your own adorable centerpiece. 


Teddy Bear Themed Backdrop

Now that you have made some gorgeous balloon decorations, you need a backdrop for either the balloon arch or other decorations. You can purchase this stand and curtains. If you don’t think you would use it again, you can sell it or pass it on to a friend or family member after the baby shower.   

Letter Boxes

I like putting these boxes near the entrance or gift area of the party. They spell baby with a wooden background, so they fit perfectly into the teddy bear theme.

Teddy Bear Garland

I love having a garland hanging behind the food or gift table. This garland says “we can bearly wait” and would be perfect for the teddy bear theme.

Teddy Bear Napkins, Plates, Cutlery, and Tablecloths

If you have the baby shower at a venue that provides tablecloths, napkins, plates, and cutlery, then you have one less thing to worry about. However, If you are hosting the party at someone’s house or a venue that does not provide them, then you still don’t have much to worry about because I have found the perfect options for the shower. 

Finding a tablecloth that will complement the centerpieces and decorations on your table is important. I like to stick to a solid color tablecloth, so the centerpieces and the other decorations don’t clash with a tablecloth. For your teddy bear baby shower, I suggest brown, light blue, or light pink for the tablecloth. 

Then for the plates, I would go with the opposite, so if you had a blue or light pink tablecloth, these large brown plates, and small brown plates. If you decide on a brown tablecloth, you could do light pink or light blue plates. If you keep the color theme, neutral gold plates are a great option. Here you can find all of those options in 7-inch, 9-inch, or 10-inch. 

I just couldn’t pass up on your napkins sharing these adorable teddy bear themed napkins with you. They would be great to have on the appetizer table or with dessert. Then at the guest’s tables, set the table with these pre-folded napkins and tuck in this gold silverware to add the final touch to your teddy bear themed table. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Food

Whether you are having a brunch, lunch, or dinner time baby shower, these food options will be great for incorporating the bear theme. 

A teddy Bear Cheese ball and crackers is an easy appetizer you can put together. All you need is a cheese ball, round crackers, and three black olives. 

Bears just love their honey, so I have included some delicious honey recipes you can pick from for your party.

When I think of food items with honey, the first one that comes to mind is honey buns!

A great option for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner parties would be this Honey Ham Biscuits sandwich

A great dip is always a hit at a party, and this Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce you can pair with pretzels, chicken tenders, or use as a dressing on a salad. 

This honey oat bread would be a delicious option if you need tasty bread for a sandwich. 

Teddy Bear Themed Drink

Since bears love their honey, a fresh peach and honey lemonade would be a delicious themed option for your guests. 

Teddy Bear Themed Cake

The cake is one of the first things I think about when planning a party. I love making my own cake, but I don’t have the skills of a professional baker, so I sometimes leave it to them. I also have a busy life, so sometimes I get a plain store-bought cake and decorate it myself. 

Looking for cake ideas to show your local bakery? Here are some amazing teddy bear cake ideas you can look through and pick your favorite! 

If you prefer to buy a cake or make your own cake, you will want to add a cake topper. Here are three of my favorite toppers for a teddy bear baby shower.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games and Activities 

Having activities and games for the guests to participate in during the party always adds great entertainment to a baby shower. Group activity games are always fun at a baby shower, but having little stations they can casually go to throughout the party is also great for creating memories. 

Game and Activities for Everyone 

This game pack includes bingo if you want games that all the guests can do together. The guests fill in gifts they think the mama-to-be will receive and then check off the spaces as she opens those gifts. This package also comes with a word scrabble, guess who (mommy or daddy), description and well wishes, and baby price is right.  

Each guest can get a scratch-off, and four or 30 guests will win a prize. You could include candy, candles, wine, bath products, or gift cards. 

Station Ideas

Photo Booth

I love having a photo booth with photo props at a party. Here are some great teddy bear themed props. I typically am awful at capturing pictures, so having a photo booth allows the guests somewhere to pose, and I can get pictures of everyone. The backdrop I mentioned above would be perfect for a photo station.

Guess How Many Gummy Bears in a Jar

Everyone loves trying to guess how many items are in a jar. For a teddy bear themed baby shower, you can put gummy bears or teddy grams in the jar.

Have a pad of paper and pen at the station and ask your guests to write their names and guess on the paper, then put them in a basket or jar. Whoever is the closest to the actual number (which you counted before the party) wins a prize. 

Pin the Nose (or Bow) on the Bear

If you have artistic talent, you could create a game of pin the nose (or bow for a girl) on the bear. You would need to purchase a large poster paper and draw and color a teddy bear. Then on a separate poster board, draw and color a nose (or bow) for each guest.

The guests can then take turns going to the station, writing their names on the nose (or bow), blindfolding themselves, and trying to get close to the correct location. At the end of the party, whoever is the closest wins a prize. 

Guest Book

A guest book or alternative option could be your last station. Here are a few of my favorite alternative options that the mama-to-be can hang in the nursery.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I always love to purchase a gift that is the theme of the baby shower or the nursery. My baby shower was the same theme as my nursery, so I loved having outfits, books, and toys gifted that were the same theme.  

When my kids were babies, the velcro swaddles worked the best to keep my kids snug. They could not break out of them, which helped them sleep better. This teddy bear swaddle is very cozy and includes velcro fasteners. 

Once my kids turned one, I allowed them to sleep with a Lovey. My daughter has her elephant-themed ones from her baby shower, and I got my son a dragon one. His nursery theme is where the wild things are, so it kind of fits in. This teddy bear lovey would be a perfect gift for the baby shower; it looks so snuggly. It can even be personalized with the baby’s name. 

If the mama-to-be lives somewhere that gets cold, she will greatly appreciate a winter bear suit to keep the baby warm when outside in the winter. 

A large teddy bear can be a decoration at the shower that the mama-to-be gets to take home and add to the nursery!

Teddy Bear Party Favors

Before my baby shower, my sister, sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, and I made homemade soap together. It was nice getting to spend time with them, but also we enjoyed making soap. It was a big hit, and I had guests say how much they loved it! 

Homemade Soap

A teddy bear themed baby shower making soap in the shape of a teddy bear would be adorable. Here is a recipe, ingredients, and molds (you could also make chocolates with these if soap isn’t your thing) 

Links to items you need:

  1. Teddy Bear Soap Mold
  2. Goat Milk Soap Base
  3. Lemon Essential Oil ( if you would like a different flavor, then use a different essential oil and don’t add lemon zest)
    1. Lavender oil  and lavender flowers (¼ cup per batch)
    2. Honey Essential oil and oats (grind up in food processor ¼ cup per batch)  
  4. Rectangle Soap Molds (if you don’t want to do teddy bear shaped)

You could package your soap up in these adorable teddy bear gift bags

Teddy Bear Thank You Cards

The mama-to-be may want to get her own thank you cards, but it is always nice to have some gifted ones, and these teddy bear thank you cards are cute! 


Enjoy planning your teddy bear baby shower. It is an adorable theme, and I hope all these ideas helped you plan the party!