20 Bright and Fun Summer Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower is a big responsibility, and of course, you want to get it right. Luckily, the summer months provide you with a range of baby shower themes and venue options, so you can plan the perfect summer baby shower ideas for the mom-to-be.

To make your planning process easier, I’ve put together a list of summer baby shower themes, including girl themes, boy themes, gender-neutral themes, and outdoor themes. So, keep reading if you’re starting to plan the baby shower!

Girl Summer Baby Shower Themes

If you already know the sex of the baby, then here are some adorable summer baby shower themes for girls!

Sweet Little Peach Baby Shower

With a sweet little peach theme, you get the beautiful peachy pink color for decorations and the yummy summertime fruit combined into one. To execute this theme, inflate a professional-looking peach balloon arch, decorate your table with a gorgeous Peach Table Runner, and hang a Sweet as a Peach Backdrop for photos with the mom-to-be. 

For a fun DIY, you can even grab some wooden pallet boxes, decorate them with a Fresh Farm Peach poster, and fill them with peaches for guests to enjoy throughout the shower.

Flamingo Baby Shower

What better animal to star in a girl’s baby shower than a pink flamingo? Gather together bunches of balloons in different pink shades, adding Tropical Leaf Decorations as you go. You can then include touches of flamingos with these Flamingo Foil Balloons, these Tropical Flamingo Lanterns, and this Flamingo Table Set.

Pink Rainbow Baby Shower

Take a simple pink baby shower theme up a notch and put together a pink rainbow baby shower. If the new baby is a rainbow baby, then this theme will be even more sentimental for the expectant mother. 

Create a rainbow-shaped balloon arch with balloons in different shades of pink, set the table using Balloon-Themed Table Supplies, and string aesthetic garlands in the colors to match.

For an adorable baby shower decoration that the mom-to-be can then use in the nursery, grab a large canvas at your local craft store and paint a rainbow design using different shades of pink paint. It’s a fairly simple process!

Photo: Fun365

Boy Summer Baby Shower Themes

Here are some perfect summer baby shower themes for baby showers celebrating a little boy on the way. 

Nautical Baby Shower

When you think nautical, the color blue probably springs to mind, as well as white and red, which is why a nautical theme is an excellent theme for a baby boy’s shower. So decorate with a blue balloon arch, hang an Ahoy, It’s a Boy Garland, and cover the table with Decorative Fish Nets.

Circus/Carnival Baby Shower

You will need bright colors and lots of snacks for a circus or carnival baby shower. The colors of the circus are typically red, white, blue, and yellow, so this Carnival Balloon Arch and Colorful Bunting are ideal and will fit your theme perfectly. 

Although your balloons and bunting will look superb, the star of the show, however, is going to be the food table. So lay down a red and white tablecloth, fill up bags of popcorn, place cupcakes on a Carnival Cake Stand, and top them with Carnival Cake Toppers.

Blue Rainbow Baby Shower

Similar to the pink rainbow baby shower theme I discussed for a little girl, a blue rainbow baby shower is a great theme if you want to stick with the color blue. Create a rainbow-shaped balloon arch with an assortment of blue balloons, hang a blue tassel garland, and create a photo backdrop with an Oh Boy Rainbow Backdrop

Again, for a DIY idea, grab a large canvas and paint a rainbow design using different shades of blue paint so mom can hang it up in the nursery after the party is finished. 

Gender Neutral Summer Baby Shower

If the sex is a surprise, or if the mom-to-be hates stereotyping pink for girls and blue for boys, then here are 9 gender-neutral summer baby shower ideas that are great for the summer months. 

Ready to Pop Baby Shower

Even if you don’t find the temperature outside hot, I can assure you the mom-to-be does, and what better way to cool down than with ice pops? So inflate these Ready to Pop Balloons, line your table with this beautifully illustrated Popsicle Table Runner, and stock up on loads of different flavor popsicles. 

To create the popsicle decorations, as seen in the picture below, grab some fun colored pool noodles (you can get them from the dollar store) and cut them down to size. Then glue some popsicle sticks at the bottom, and voila, DIY popsicle decorations. 

Sunflower Baby Shower

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers; when I think of summer, they instantly spring to mind. A sunflower theme is a fairly easy theme choice as you can purchase a Sunflower Balloon Arch and Sunflower Garlands and finish the decorating off with either artificial sunflowers or real sunflowers here and there. 

Photo: Pinterest

Lemon Baby Shower

Another yellow baby shower theme is a lemon theme. You can go all out yellow or add subtle hints of yellow and lemons, like with this white and yellow balloon arch, Lemon Welcome Baby Garland, and these Oh Baby Lemon Cupcake Toppers.

There is no other choice for your cake than a naked lemon cake with lemons for decoration. 

Watermelon Baby Shower

The final fruit-inspired baby shower is a watermelon baby shower because watermelons are just the epitome of summer. So put together a Watermelon Balloon Arch, set out these Watermelon Tableware Supplies, and top your cupcakes with Watermelon Cupcake Toppers.

And, if you decide to go with a watermelon baby shower theme, then you HAVE to create a Watermelon Baby Carriage by removing the contents of the watermelon and filling it back up with balled melon and orange to represent the baby. 

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower

You are my sunshine is another simple baby shower theme that revolves around yellow. Opt for pastel yellow balloons, a yellow tassel garland, and a You Are My Sunshine Garland. You can add a Sunshine Tablecloth, and You Are My Sunshine Cake Toppers tie the theme together. 

Mommy to Bee Baby Shower

A bee-autiful summer baby shower idea for a momma expecting a summer baby is a Mommy-to-Bee baby shower. This elegant Bee Tableware would look adorable laid out on a table, with a mommy to bee backdrop behind it and a Mommy to Bee Garland to match.

Aloha Baby Shower

A luau theme is an excellent theme for any party, so why not a baby shower? Of course, you’ll need a colorful balloon arch, Aloha Baby Foil Balloons, and an assortment of leis to hand out to your guests.

Pastel Baby Shower

You can’t go wrong with a pastel theme for a baby shower, as the colors combined make for a happy and beautiful aesthetic. If you haven’t guessed already, I love balloon arches, as they make the party look professionally put together. This theme is also incredibly simple, as all you’d need to do is assemble a pastel balloon arch and add in Pastel Decorative Pieces.

Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower

If you’re planning this baby shower for a vintage-aesthetic or tea-loving momma, then she will appreciate a vintage tea party baby shower. Unlike other baby showers I’ve listed previously, the focus of a vintage tea party baby shower will be more on the tables.

If you have wooden tables, run a Floral Lace table runner down their center or place a white tablecloth over the entire table. If you have real china, use it to set the table, but if not, you can always go down the paper route with this Vintage-Looking Paper Tableware Set. Place a bunch of flowers and a balloon in the center because every party is complete with balloons, and you’re all set!

Outdoor Summer Baby Shower Themes

If you’re planning a baby shower in the summer months, then lucky you, as the warm weather can mean that you don’t have to fork out money for a venue and instead can enjoy the baby shower in your backyard, on the beach, or at your local park. Here are 5 outdoor summer baby shower ideas. 

Baby-Q Baby Shower

If the baby shower is going to be co-ed, then a great theme is a Baby-Q theme. Get it? The great thing about a Baby-Q baby shower is it can be as minimal or over the top as you like, so you don’t need to purchase balloons and whatnot if you don’t want to. 

One thing you will need, however, is a nominated griller who will be cooking up the food for your guests. 

If you want to decorate for the baby shower, recreate this adorable BBQ baby onesie garland by simply gluing two letter Bs and one letter Q onto a plain white baby onesie before attaching it to a string and hanging it under the food table. 

Photo: Kate Aspen

Baby in Bloom Baby Shower

For a baby-in-bloom baby shower, you’re going to need lots and lots of flowers. What I love most about a baby-in-bloom theme is that it is timeless, and floral designs will always stay in style. So gather together as many flowers as you can. You can purchase them at the store or by picking wildflowers. You could even ask your guests to bring a bunch with them to cut down on costs. Then, decorate your table with these beautiful Floral Paper Plates, and add extra floral touches with these Rose Garlands.

Photo: lieschen_de

Beach Baby Shower

If you live close to the beach, take full advantage and put together a beach baby shower. Gather some low tables, throw cushions, and beach umbrellas, and set your table with a tableware set.

Boho Picnic Baby Shower

A similar theme to a beach picnic, however, this one doesn’t have to be on the beach, is a boho picnic baby shower. Boho themes are the biggest trend at the moment, and they look fantastic when all the party components are put together. Inflate a boho balloon arch, gather stems of pampas grass in different vases, and lay a table for a picnic on the floor. 

Photo: Aden’s Mom

Pool Party Baby Shower

The final summer baby shower ideas is for those with a backyard pool. Decorate the pool area with balloons and add a variety of floaties. Make sure to tell all your guests to bring their swimmers and celebrate the mom-to-be in the refreshing water. 


If you’re planning a summer baby shower, I hope these summer baby shower ideas have helped you decide how to celebrate the mom-to-be and her new babe!