10 Sip and Paint Ideas for Hosting an Amazing Party

Before the pandemic, I went to a sip and paint party at a local studio for a friend’s birthday. The love for art runs in my family, so this was an event I loved. So I walked away, saying I wanted to do that again.

But then the pandemic hit, and everyone became confined to their homes, and events like these no longer existed. They have started to open back up, but I love hosting parties, so I thought, why not do a sip and paint party in the comfort of my home with my friends.

When throwing a sip and paint party at your home, many decisions need to occur before the party. I have included the answers to all you need to know here. I have included what a paint and sip party is, different painting ideas and kits, the supplies you will need, tips for painting with acrylic, and drinks and food to serve. 

What is a Sip and Paint Party?

A sip and paint party involves paint, drinks (maybe food), and your friends. Sometimes a Sip and Paint Party is hosted at a studio, but I will give you all the tips you need to host one at your home. You and your group of friends will paint together while sipping on your favorite beverages. 

During the party, you and your guests will create a masterpiece, or maybe you won’t become the next Vincent Van Gogh. But either way, it is a fun event to enjoy each other company. Honestly, it is the perfect girl’s night!

Sip and Paint Party

Painting Ideas and Kits for a Sip and Paint Party

Here are different painting ideas that you can choose from to allow your guest to show their creative side. 

1. Go with a Paint by Number Kit

If you have guests that are not confident with free painting, then a paint-by-number would be the best option. These are great for beginners and turn out beautiful. You follow the instructions by matching the number on the painting with the number on the paint. The result will leave your guests feeling like the next Picasso. 

A couple of my favorite paint-by-numbers include:

Mountain Paint by Numbers

This kit includes 4 different canvas pictures, 4 sets of paint, and paint brushes.

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07/05/2023 09:20 am GMT
Flower Paint by Number

This kit is a single canvas picture with paints and brushes.

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A customized paint-by-number can be so meaningful to your guests. You can each order a unique picture as a paint-by-number. Then paint it at your party and have your precious memories come to life.

Customized Paint-by-Number Paint Kit
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2. Consider a Sip and Paint Host Kit

I would consider a host kit if you are looking for an easy kit that includes everything you need. They are more expensive than purchasing items on your own, but they make your party much more effortless and include everything you need. They even include aprons and table covers.

This kit is for 6 individuals, so if you have more guests, you must purchase multiple kits.

Paint Party Pack for 6 With Video Tutorial
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3. Follow Downloaded PDF Directions. 

There are some great sites where you can purchase pdf instructions to follow to paint a picture. Then, you can order one, and your guest can follow the directions and see how each painting comes out.

Tracie from Step by Step Painting has many fantastic options. 

4. Use Pre-drawn Canvas Paintings

This option provides your guests with a pre-drawn picture on a canvas. They can then use their artistic talents, determine what colors they want to use, and paint the pre-drawn pictures. This option is fun to see what all your guests come up with for the same picture.

I suggest buying the canvas only and then purchasing the other materials separately, so you have a large variety of paint and paintbrushes.

Sunflower Pre-Drawn Canvas Paint Kit
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5. Start with a Blank Canvas  

If your guests have the confidence to free paint, consider starting with some blank canvas. Each guest can paint what they want. For example, you could have pictures available or set up displays of fruit, floors, vases, and other items they may be interested in painting. 

Another option is for you to lead your guests through the painting experience. For example, you can pick the design and give step-by-step instructions on how to complete the painting.

If you decide to do this route, I highly recommend doing a trial run prior, and as you are doing it, writing each step, you take down so you can read it off during the event. This will allow you not to be so focused on the painting and enjoy the party. 

If you want to get an idea of how this works, you can watch a tutorial on YouTube, such as the one below. You could also play this during your paint night and have your guest follow this instead of you dictating the instructions. 

Materials you will need for your paint and sip party

If you are not purchasing a complete kit, you will need the following materials.

1. Good quality paint

You will want good quality paint. Cheaper or children’s paint can be thin, resulting in your paintings having a cheap finish and not lasting a long time. The Artist Loft Acrylic Paint is a good quality paint that will be perfect for your party.

2. Acrylic paint brushes

You will also need paintbrushes. I recommend using synthetic brushes with smooth bristles to give your painting a smooth finish. You can spend a lot on paintbrushes, but I recommend this cheaper paintbrush set for your party.

3. Canvas boards & painting easels

Canvas boards are easy to use for beginners, but one essential item you will need is a Painting Easel. The easel will help angle your painting to allow your guests to paint comfortably.

4. Paint palletes

The last item you will need are paint palettes. A paint palette enables you to mix colors and create an easy clean-up. You can also use a paper plate, but I like the look of the palettes for a paint and sip party. 

I recommend having paper towels on hand, and you will also want to have cups of water for your guest to rinse and clean their brushes when using different colors. 

Tips for you and your guest

Acrylic paints are affordable and easy to work with, which makes them the best option for your paint and sip party. They are water-based, so they’re water-soluble, which means they can be thinned or cleaned up with water.

They also dry quickly, typically in less than an hour. With acrylics, it’s easy to cover over mistakes with another layer of paint, allowing your guest to layer and experiment with their paintings. 

There are some essential things you will want to make sure you and your guests follow for using acrylic paint.

  1. Don’t let your palette dry. The paint dries quickly, so don’t create the palettes until you and your guest are ready to paint. Everything set up when guests arrive looks nice, but this will ruin your paint. 
  2. Don’t leave the caps of your paint or paint on brushes. This will ruin your paints and brushes. 
  3. Use a hair dryer to speed up drying. If you or your guest make an error, you can blow dry the painting quicker and then paint over it to correct the mistake. 

Sip and Paint Food Ideas

At a paint party, you need lots and lots of colors! Also, having colorful food adds to the theme of the party. 

  • Rainbow Fruit Salad is a perfect choice for your guest. You can pair this with other appetizers, or if you decide to have an after dinner event, everyone loves a little fruit with their dessert. 
  • Rainbow Goat Cheese Balls are a delicious appetizer your guest will enjoy. They are easy to make and can be made a day in advance, so you don’t feel rushed on the day of the party. 
  • Rainbow Veggie Pizza is one of my favorite appetizers to serve at a party, but it can also be the main course meal. You can make it look like a rainbow or mix all your veggies, and you will have a colorful pizza perfect for your paint party. 

Sip and Paint Dessert Ideas 

One of my favorite desserts is cake pops. These Rainbow Cake Pops would be delicious and fun to serve your guest. Here is a youtube video you can watch to learn how to make them.

If you are thinking of serving cookies at your party, then these Palette Paint Cookies would be the perfect addition. You will need a palette cookie cutter to cut out sugar cookies from your favorite recipe. 

Sip and Paint Drink Ideas

You may be planning only to serve wine at your party, but if you consider making colorful artistic drinks for your sip and paint party, I recommend these two. They include beautiful covers and taste delicious. 

  • The first one is a Rainbow Rum Drink, which is easy to make and looks gorgeous served in a hurricane glass, or something similar. 
  • I recommend this delicious Rainbow Sangria. You can use the same fruit you used for the fruit salad. 

Enjoy your party, and don’t forget to take pictures!