25 Best Places to Have a Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is a special way to support new parents, but putting together a big party takes some planning! Choosing a location for the baby shower is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle you should cross off your list as early as possible.

Whether you want to host the shower in your home or find a one-of-a-kind venue, this handy list gives you 25 fun ideas for the perfect place to have a baby shower.

Before You Choose a Baby Shower Location

So you committed to hosting a baby shower for special new parents in your life. Good for you! Hosting a party like a baby shower gives you so much creative space to plan, decorate, and have fun.

But before you dive into booking a venue, take a moment to consider a few key questions.

  • First, how many guests do you plan to invite? You may want to discuss this with the new parents or a close family member like the grandma-to-be if you plan to host a surprise baby shower. 
    • Do you plan to have a co-ed shower or only invite the ladies? These days,  more and more new parents prefer celebrating a baby shower together. But if you prefer a more traditional shower, you may want to leave out the guys.
    • Also, do you know if any of the guests have young children? If so, you will want to either plan activities for the little guys or tactfully place an “adults only” statement on the invitation.
  • What kind of budget do you have? Hosting a party often involves buying decorations, providing food, and sometimes renting a venue. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford. You can always go in with several close friends or family members, or check out the inexpensive baby shower venues listed later in this article!
  • What special interests or hobbies do the new parents love? If they both enjoy sailing, you may want to consider hosting a party on the water. Or perhaps you know that the new mom is terrified of snakes–in this case, cross the possibility of hosting a party at the zoo right off your list!
  • Finally, what time of year will you host this shower? This will help you decide whether to book an indoor or outdoor party venue. 

Best Outdoor Venues for a Baby Shower

If you plan to host a baby shower during a warm season, you have so many options for outdoor venues! This is also an excellent solution for guests who may feel concerned about large gatherings and feel safer in the open air. 

If you love the idea of an outdoor venue but need to host a winter baby shower, you could consider renting or buying outdoor heaters like these to use in a tent or park.

1. Park Pavilion

Many local towns and cities have community parks with pavilions open for reservations. Sometimes, you may need to pay a small fee to book a pavilion, but this usually costs under $100. Plus, most parks come equipped with things like public toilets and playgrounds!

2. Local Garden

Do you have a lovely botanical garden or a folksy community garden nearby? Many public gardens allow people to reserve a space for a fun party. This opens up all kinds of fun garden themes you can use to plan your shower, like “buzzing bees,” “little flower,” and many more!

3. Picnic

One of the easiest ways to host an outdoor baby shower is to ask everyone to bring their own picnic blanket, and provide an al fresco lunch for the guests! You can use a grassy section of your own backyard, a local park, or any stretch of nice soft grass available to the public.

4. Farm or Barn

If you or anyone close to the new parents own a farm or an old-fashioned barn, you can easily set up a hoe-down style baby shower! Themes like “Baby Cowgirl” would work great in this setting, as would “little pumpkin” for an autumn baby shower.

5. Zoo

Your local zoo can also offer a fun setting for an outdoor baby shower. Many zoos have private rooms or pavilions you can book for an event, though you could also schedule a time for everyone to meet and then set up a picnic lunch in a public space after touring the zoo exhibits.

6. Bonfire or Firepit

Hosting a bonfire baby shower offers one of the few perfect ways to hold an outdoor shower in colder weather. Plus, this lets you have an evening party and offer easy, fun snacks like smores and hot chocolate! You can easily stock up on bonfire party supplies like this set of toasting forks. Looking for a bonfire theme for a baby shower? Why not try “Nothing is S’more Fun Than a Baby”?

7. Party Tent

Of course, you can always rent or buy a party tent for an elegant twist on an outdoor party. This may offer the perfect solution if you have a yard but a small house. You could run with cute themes like “baby in bloom,” “sweet as can bee,” or even dress up the tent for a circus-themed party!

8. Beach

For an untraditional baby shower venue, invite all your guests to bring a bathing suit and head to the beach! You can sit on beach towels and snack on popsicles and other cool treats. You have plenty of built-in games at hand, like building sand castles or splashing in the waves.

9. Winery or Brewery

Does your crowd enjoy touring wineries or finding the perfect cheese pairing for a drinks menu? Most wineries and breweries love to host private events like baby showers and will happily provide you with catering and a place to hold the party! Of course, this venue falls onto the price scale’s more costly end. You could always consider asking guests to pay their own way if you feel comfortable doing so.

10. Rooftop Venue

If you live in an urban setting you may have a restaurant or club nearby with a rooftop venue available to rent. While often a bit pricey, rooftop parties have a hip, trendy vibe that your guests will love! Plus, this often presents an excellent solution for where to put all your guests if you live in a small city apartment.

11. A Boat

This one is a bit out there, but do you know anyone who owns a boat or a yacht? Perhaps you live near a large lake or river and know someone who owns a houseboat. If you can borrow or rent a fun boat, why not host a baby shower on the water? You could have an “under the sea” or “little mermaid” theme!

Inexpensive Places to Have a Baby Shower

Finding an inexpensive place to have a baby shower can dramatically cut down on party costs, as the venue often makes up a large amount of the budget for any event.

12. Host’s Home

Your home is the obvious free location you can use to host a baby shower. The great thing about using your own space is that you can set it up ahead of time. You can ensure you have the correct seating, such as a comfortable chair for the expecting mom. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transporting food, as you will have your own kitchen at hand.

On the other hand, you do need to consider whether you have enough parking for all of your guests, especially if you live in an apartment or townhouse. Things like having enough chairs on hand and finding someone to watch your own children can also factor into whether or not you want to host a baby shower at your house.

13. Church or Religious Organization

If you or the parents-to-be belong to a religious organization, ask the church, mosque, or temple if you can borrow a room for a few hours. Many places of worship have basements or community rooms they use for things like wedding receptions, Sunday school classes, and after-school programs. 

14. Community Center or Clubhouse

Likewise, if you live in a gated community or an apartment complex that has its own clubhouse, find out the rules for reserving the space. In a suburban or urban neighborhood, you may have a nearby community center run by your local parks and rec organization. 

15. Community Firehall

If you grew up in the country, you probably know someone who held a wedding reception at the local fire hall. Why not use this lovely space for a baby shower as well? Many community fire departments have a large public space they rent out as a fundraiser for a reasonable fee. 

16. Public Library

Some public libraries also have meeting rooms available for reservation. Check the website for your local library or call them to find out what kind of guidelines you would need to follow to book the room. For example, some libraries allow you to bring food, but others may not.

Venues to Rent for a Baby Shower

If you have a budget set aside for the baby shower, you can also consider renting a venue to hold a fabulous party.

17. Airbnb

One of the most exciting venues you could use to host a baby shower is to rent an Airbnb for a select group of guests and travel to a place the new parents have always wanted to visit. Make sure you pick a place that allows the number of guests you want to bring, to ensure that you have enough beds for everyone! 

18. Local Restaurant

Call a restaurant the new parents love for a more low-key rental and ask if you can reserve a few tables or a private room. You can go fancy with a full sit-down dinner or choose a lunch place or tea room for an afternoon party. Renting a restaurant gives you much freedom because you can only bring limited decorations into the borrowed space, and you don’t have to prepare any food yourself!

19. Reception Venue

Another way to find a place to rent for a baby shower location is to look up reception venues that regularly host weddings. Many farms, mansions, and private estates provide a perfect space for a reception or party. You will have to pay for the beautiful views, elegantly appointed rooms, and generous parking spaces at any official party venue. But you may find the extra cost worth it for the convenience of this style of location.

Unique Places to Have a Baby Shower

If you want a less traditional, more one-of-a-kind shower to celebrate with the new parents, check out these ideas!

20. Hotel Room

If the new mom asks for an intimate baby shower with just her closest friends present, you may want to take the party on the road and stay at a hotel. This girls-night-out type of party will remind everyone of young and carefree college days and allow you to let loose a bit and have lots of fun. You can bring balloons or other simple decorations into a hotel room, as well as any cupcakes or fun party foods you want to prepare ahead of time.

21. Bed and Breakfast

If cost is no object, a cutesy place to host a baby shower is a local bed and breakfast. Invite a select number of guests to this overnight version of a shower and enjoy brunch in a cozy location while still wearing your pajamas if you want to get comfortable!

22. A Spa

If the new mom feels stressed at the thought of a traditional baby shower, offer to take her out for a day at the spa with just a handful of guests. You can spend several hours relaxing as you get facials and pedicures, and then go out for lunch together to shower the mom with presents.

23. Virtual

Maybe the new parents live around the world from their families, or perhaps you have a high-risk family member who cannot be exposed to large gatherings. Either way, you can host a fun virtual baby shower as a solution for people who can’t gather together in person. 

Websites like WebBabyShower will help you plan and host your virtual event for a small fee, but you can also use free platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

Send out an invite that explains how the virtual event will progress to all your guests ahead of time. This is also a chance to ask guests to send presents ahead of time so the new parents can open them on-screen!

24. Drive-By

Will the drive-by party remain popular now that the age of the pandemic has passed? It remains to be seen, but this unique way of hosting a baby shower may come in handy, especially for a new mom who must remain on bed rest or has health concerns at the time of the shower. 

The idea of this event is that you set up decor like this banner outside, and guests remain in their cars. They stop briefly to exchange pleasantries, leave gifts, and then drive away to let another guest stop.

25. Sip-and-See

If you have a large guest list but a small home, you may want to try out an old-fashioned party style called sip-and-see. This basically means that people drop into the party and then leave after a bit, without staying for the entire length of the event. 

You will need to keep hopping as the host for this style of party, making sure that all incoming guests get a nibble and a drink and a chance to talk to the new parents. But the advantage of this in-and-out event is that you don’t need to plan group games or activities.

What Special Spot Will You Choose?

Finding a special spot to use as a baby shower location will take the party to new heights. Whether you want a low-key day on the town with just the new mom and a few girlfriends or a giant shindig with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins present, you need to find a venue that fits the needs of your group.

Offering to host a baby shower for new parents is a generous and loving gesture. Make this labor of love easier on yourself by beginning your party planning by picking the perfect location!

What is the most interesting place you have ever gone to for a party or baby shower? What did you like best about it?