Kid’s Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

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Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox video games out there for kids. After all, it allows them to create their own adventures, explore their artistic side, and even battle it out in exhilarating survival modes. 

If your kid loves Minecraft, they’ll definitely appreciate a Minecraft birthday party. Luckily, due to the game’s popularity, there are plenty of Minecraft-themed decorations, activities, outfits, party foods, and gifts to choose from. So, you’ll have no problem transforming your home into a pixelated block world. 

Throwing a party for your little one can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why I’ll cover exactly how to host the perfect Minecraft birthday party below. So let’s dive right in! 

Why Choose a Minecraft Birthday Party Theme?

A Minecraft birthday party is fun, colorful, and shows your kid that you care about their passions and interests. Plus, virtually every child plays or knows about Minecraft, meaning guests will equally love the theme and be able to understand any Minecraft-inspired games and activities. If everyone feels included, the party is sure to be a hit.

The theme is also easy to set up, thanks to the plethora of decorations available. You can opt for a Minecraft survival theme, and bring in games like don’t touch the lava and musical TNT, or focus on the DIY side of Minecraft and spark your kid’s creativity with craft activities.

You can host the Minecraft birthday party inside or outside, but I recommend hosting the main events outside. It’ll truly get kids in the adventurous spirit and better reflect the “natural” Minecraft world. Obviously, you can still replicate the same environment indoors if you have the right decorations. 

Making the Minecraft Invitations

Invitations should reflect the Minecraft theme and get kids excited for the big day. Here are a few premade invitations you can use to save time:

  • Pixel video birthday party invites: These Minecraft-themed invites are vibrant, flashy, and bursting with pixel goodness. They even come with matching green envelopes. 
  • Creep on over birthday party invites: These clever invites are packed with hilarious Minecraft puns; “creep on over” and “it’s going to be a blast!” They also include creepers, pickaxes, and TNT blocks. 
  • Premade editable Minecraft invitations: These digital invites allow you to fill out all the relevant information directly on Canva, meaning you can print multiple copies without having to refill everything repeatedly.

In the invitations, you’ll want to include vital information like the party date, time, your phone number, and home address. You should also mention if food will be supplied.

Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

Minecraft-inspired decorations are a great way to immerse guests in the theme and bring the party to life. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Photo: Balloons


The primary colors of Minecraft are green and brown, so you should opt for balloons that come in these colors. You can have balloons throughout the room, tie them to furniture, and even create a balloon arch at the entryway. Making a balloon arch doesn’t have to be difficult either; you can follow this beginner-friendly guide and get an electric pump to make the process quick. 

If you have the budget, you can invest in balloons with Minecraft-themed designs. For example, these balloons sold on Amazon feature a wide array of Minecraft characters and items. You can even find balloons that come in the shapes of TNT boxes and Minecraft creatures. And if you’re up for some DIY? You can make a pickaxe balloon yourself by following this helpful craft tutorial.

Table Setting

The table setting is the main attraction at a party. After all, this is where you’ll be serving up the birthday cake and other delightful goodies! 

You can incorporate the Minecraft theme in various ways. For example, a great idea is to cover the table with a checkered green cloth (it’ll resemble the texture of a creeper). Or, if you have the budget, you can buy a Minecraft-themed party table runner. Another creative idea is to use artificial grass. It’ll definitely add to the immersive feel, but be warned that this is certainly a messier option!

Next up, you’ll want to think about tableware. Stick to plastic cups, cutlery, and paper plates in green and brown hues. You can also decorate the table with Minecraft figures and paper grass blocks

There are also plenty of affordable Minecraft tableware sets available to buy. A tableware set, while slightly more costly, is an excellent option if you don’t want the hassle of finding all the supplies yourself. This set from HeroFiber features Minecraft-themed paper plates, napkins, cups, and temporary tattoos. The tattoos make for a fun activity and will definitely be appreciated by any Minecraft fan at the party. 

Party Banners

No birthday party is complete without a Happy Birthday banner. It’ll spruce up the room while making your kid feel extra special on their big day. My personal favorite Minecraft-themed party banners include the following:

Minecraft Themed Activities and Games

Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll need to consider what Minecraft-themed games to have at the party.

If your child enjoys Minecraft for its sandbox side, you should opt for activities such as:

Minecraft Building Competition

Give each child a selection of craft materials, and encourage them to build their own unique creation. After 30 minutes, or when every child has finished, put the creations on display in the center of the room. Get an adult to judge each one and reward the winner with a small prize. 

Minecraft Lego Play Sets

Have a dedicated space where guests can work together to build Minecraft Lego playsets. This activity will surely spark the children’s imaginations while encouraging them to cooperate nicely. 

Try to find playsets that consider your kid’s interests; if they love farming, consider buying this Wool Farm playset

DIY Minecraft Items 

Get the party guests to build their own Minecraft items, such as diamond swords, pickaxes, and TNT boxes. Make sure to supervise and help the kids when necessary, especially with sharp tools. 

If your little one prefers the survival aspect of Minecraft, they’ll likely love the following birthday games:

Musical TNT

This game is a combination of musical chairs and pass the parcel. Have kids sit in a circle and pass around a TNT block while music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the TNT block “blows up” and is out of the game. The last surviving player is the winner. 

Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

A huge part of Minecraft is scavenging for valuable resources. So, why not replicate this gameplay in real life? Hide jewels, animal plush toys, and Minecraft blocks all around the house. Give the children 15 minutes to search for the items. The kid that obtains the most items within the time limit is the winner. 

You can make this game more interesting with point values if the kids are old enough to understand; diamonds could be worth 5 points, while a pig plush may be worth only 1 point. 

Don’t Touch the Lava

Don’t touch the lava is a classic party game, and it works particularly well with the Minecraft theme. Place several pillows across the floor and tell kids that the floor is now made of lava. Make sure there are slightly more pillows than guests. 

Also, inform them that a pillow can only hold one child. If more than one person stands on a pillow, it’ll sink into the lava. Every few minutes, take away a pillow. The last player standing is the winner. 

Creeper Pinãta

Kids will love hitting the creeper until it explodes! Luckily, the only outcome in this game will be a fountain of delectable candies. You can make your own creeper pinãta — follow this useful tutorial — or buy a premade one online

For small parties, you can also consider Minecraft card and board games:

Minecraft Birthday Party Food and Drinks

You can serve a whole range of Minecraft-inspired food and drinks at the party. However, always consider your child’s preferences — catering to their taste buds will help them feel special and appreciated. It would be best if you also asked guests to inform you about any allergies or food intolerances. 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the Minecraft theme into party food is to use labels. For example, you can have a platter of carrots and make a label featuring Minecraft’s carrot icon. You can also get creative and find candies resembling diamond and coal resources. Another quick and easy option is to use Minecraft-themed food toppers

Creeper Rice Crispy Treats

These creeper rice crispy treats are super easy to make and taste great. You essentially cut a rice crispy bake into cubes, cover each one with green-dyed marshmallow fondant, and then use icing to paint on creeper faces.

Photo: Doodlecraft

Golden Apples

Golden apples are one of the most iconic foods in Minecraft. So, why not let kids indulge in these treats at the party? This caramel apple recipe is easy to follow, requires minimal ingredients, and produces amazing results. 

TNT Boxes

This explosive treat is sure to be a hit with kids and only requires a bit of DIY. First, get a transparent plastic box and fill it up with Twizzlers. Then, apply a label around the box that reads “TNT.” 

Photo: Pinterest

Minecraft Cake Ideas

Whether baking a cake from scratch or buying directly from a local bakery, there are plenty of Minecraft cake designs. You can browse Pinterest for Minecraft cake designs, follow one of the many recipes available online, or come up with your own unique idea if you’re the creative type. 

Due to the game’s popularity, you can also typically find Minecraft-themed cakes in local stores like Walmart. These are a much more budget-friendly option compared to buying from a baker. 

Some of my favorite Minecraft cake recipes include:

Photo: Allrecipe

Minecraft Themed Gift Ideas

There’s no shortage of Minecraft-themed gift ideas on the market, making it easy to find a gift that your little one is sure to love. Make sure that whatever gift you buy is age appropriate — toys designed for older kids often come with parts that can pose a choking hazard for smaller children.

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Minecraft Party Outfit

Your child will appreciate a birthday party outfit that really immerses them in the theme. Opt for an outfit that transforms them into their favorite Minecraft creature, such as a creeper, ender dragon, or skeleton. You can also find armor-inspired outfits, like this diamond armor one

Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to give guests something memorable to remember the special day. They don’t have to be expensive either; you can fill party favors with candies, mini Minecraft figures, or even golden apples (see above). 

You can also find plenty of Minecraft-themed party bags, like this 16-pack set. It features four designs: a TNT box, creeper, grass block, and Minecraft weaponry. 

Thank You Cards

After the party, you’ll need to send thank you cards to show guests your appreciation, especially if they gave your child presents. You can go for Minecraft-themed cards you can personalize, such as this custom design by mrddesignsx, make your own from scratch, or go for something a little simpler, like video game-themed thank you notes you can fill out. 

Final Thoughts

Crafting the perfect Minecraft birthday party may seem complicated, but my guidance above will help you and turn the day into a total blast! A Minecraft-themed party can be affordable too. There are plenty of budget-friendly decorations, and you can save costs by doing your own DIY as well. 

If you need more party ideas or tips, browse the rest of my blog.