32 Magical Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas

A new baby entering the world, whether they’re a muggle, a witch, or a wizard, is an exciting thing to celebrate. However, if the expectant mother-to-be is a huge Harry Potter fan, then there is really no other suitable baby shower theme option. 

Throwing the ultimate Harry Potter baby shower requires some planning, but I will do the hard part for you in this article. I’ve put together the perfect decorations, games, and food for a Harry Potter baby shower, along with Harry Potter-themed invites, party favors, and thank-you cards so you can celebrate the new bundle of joy in true Hogwarts style.

Harry Potter Theme

Before getting into the individual-specific elements of a party, I’ve found it’s best to make a brief plan of your color scheme, theme, and budget so you don’t end up going off track. And trust me, it’s easy to go off track, especially when you start looking into decorations, games, and food ideas.

Color Scheme

You really have a few options when it comes to a color scheme for a Harry Potter-themed baby shower. You could go down the general Harry Potter route, decorating with different shades of brown and adding in the four house colors, or narrow it down entirely to the expectant mom’s house color and decorate to match that.

  • Gryffindor – Red and gold
  • Ravenclaw – Blue and bronze
  • Hufflepuff – Yellow and black
  • Slytherin – Green and silver


Setting a budget is essential before getting into the actual party planning. Baby shower decorations, invites, food, and cakes, can quickly add up, so I highly recommend having a budget in mind and referring to it when purchasing your items. 

If you don’t think your budget will stretch too far, don’t worry. You can easily make your own decorations, games, and party favors. Of course, it will require a little bit more work, but in my opinion, the effort makes it much more special. 

Harry Potter Theme Invitation

One of the first things you need to consider when planning a baby shower is your invites. After all, these will set the mood for your Harry Potter baby shower and will get your guests excited to attend and celebrate the new mom-to-be. 

Pre-Made Harry Potter Baby Shower Invites

The easiest invite option is to go with pre-made invitations like these Hedwig invitations. Pre-made invites cut out the hassle of having to print them out at a store, and once they have arrived at your house, all you will need to do is write on your baby shower details and mail them out to your guests.

Personalized Harry Potter Baby Shower Invites

Personalized invitations are also a great option if you have the budget and want to make the invites a little bit more special. For example, I love these Magical Baby Shower invites that feature well-known Harry Potter elements like Hedwig, the Sorting Hat, and the Golden Snitch. 

Personalized Harry Potter Baby Shower Invite Kit

Alternatively, suppose you want to save money and print your invites yourself. In that case, this Harry Potter Baby Shower Kit includes a Hogwarts-themed invite template, a thank-you card template, cupcake toppers, a Diaper raffle, and more. 

DIY Harry Potter Baby Shower Invites

If your budget doesn’t stretch to invites, you could create your own Harry Potter baby shower invites and send them to your guests via email. Websites like Canva or Photoshop are great options, or if you’re talented in the art department, you could hand draw them yourself. 

Harry Potter Theme Supplies and Decorations

This is where baby shower planning gets exciting, as the decorations will pull the whole party together.

Harry Potter Balloons

No party is complete without balloons, and if you want the balloons to look their best, you will need a helium tank.

This 32 Piece Harry Potter Balloon Set would work well for any Harry Potter themed party, and you could even add these 72 cm Harry Potter balloons to finish it off. 

Harry Potter Balloon Arches

Balloon arches elevate a party, and although they may seem intimidating at first, they’re far easier to put together than you’d think. To avoid giving yourself a headache, I recommend purchasing a balloon pump, as it does speed up the inflation process.

This Harry Potter Balloon Arch features red and gold Gryffindor colors, and the set comes with a Welcome Tiny Muggle garland and cupcake toppers. Alternatively, if you want to theme your party to the mom-to-be’s house color, you could switch out the red and gold balloons for the colors of their particular house.

Harry Potter Plates, Napkins, and Tablecloths

If you’re hosting the baby shower at your house or in a park, for example, you will need to bring your own plates, napkins, and tablecloths. 

An excellent idea for a table spread is to decorate the entire table to resemble the Marauder’s Map. Include this 3-piece tablecloth set and this plates, cups, and napkins set suitable for up to 20 people. 

Harry Potter Centerpieces

Centerpieces can add something to a table, and these Magical Wizard Honeycomb Pieces are a fantastic option.

Alternatively, if you want a centerpiece you can reuse, this set of 8 lanterns fits nicely with the Harry Potter theme. 

Harry Potter Garland

Once your balloons are all up, finish decorating with a garland. I love this A Baby Wizard is Heading Our Way garland because you can customize it with the different add-on decorations and reuse it because it’s made of felt. 

Harry Potter Activities and Games

Games are a fantastic way to keep all your guests excited and engaged throughout the party. You can choose to play general baby shower games or go all out and make them Harry Potter-themed. 

Reveal the Potion Scratch-Off Game

This Scratch-Off Game can be given to each guest at the party so they can scratch off to reveal if they win a prize. Prizes can be as simple as a candy goody bag, or you can find Harry Potter merchandise like these Harry Potter Uno Cards, a pair of Harry Potter Socks, or this unique Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner.

Wishes for the Baby

A nice keep-sake for mom that each party member can fill out is this Wishes for the Baby sheet. Your guests can write down what they wish for the baby’s future, and the mom can save them for her child when it’s old enough to read. 

Guess Who?

Guess Who challenges the party guests to see who best knows mom and dad. For example, there are questions such as “who is more stubborn?” and “who will spoil the baby more?” once everyone has given in their answers, you can compare them to mom and dad to see who is the winner. 

Pin the Scar on Harry

A classic party game with a twist. Pin the Scar on Harry is similar to pin the tail on the donkey. However, you’re trying to place Harry’s scar correctly and not turn him into an animal. Unless you know a transfiguration spell, that is. 

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Are your guests brave enough to try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans? Have each party member taste a bean to see what flavor they get. 

Harry Potter Trivia

To be crowned the ultimate Harry Potter fan, you must correctly answer as many Harry Potter Trivia Questions as possible. So give everyone a piece of paper and a pen, and ask 10 – 20 Harry Potter questions. The person who gets the most right wins! If you need help with some trivia questions, then this book has questions that range from easy to really obscure.

Harry Potter Theme Food and Drinks

The food and drinks you serve at your baby shower will ultimately come down to where you’re having the party and how many guests are coming. 

You could create a table spread of nibbly foods like sandwiches, chips, and vegetable sticks, or you could get out your trusty grill and serve up bbq foods and salads. 

If you’re trying to stay on a budget, ask your guests to bring a dish to contribute to the table spread. That way, you cut down on food costs, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

If you are wanting to have foods that go with the Harry Potter theme, you could include:

  • Quidditch Quiche
  • Felix Felicis Spinach Dip
  • Magic Wands (pretzels)

Or check out Lisa’s article for some magical Harry Potter recipes.

Harry Potter Cake

There are so many routes you can go down for a Harry Potter baby shower cake, and whether you’re enlisting the help of a local bakery or baking and decorating a cake yourself, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice. So if you’re looking for a cake idea, check out these 21 Harry Potter themed cakes

If you’re short on time, you can even transform the most simple supermarket cake or cupcakes into a Harry Potter themed dessert with this Witch or Wizard Cake Topper, this Muggle Cake Topper, or these Golden Snitch Wings.

Harry Potter Themed Gift Ideas

I love to gift items that match the theme of the baby shower. So here are some of my favorite Harry Potter baby items.

  1. Harry Potter Newborn Photography Props
  2. Harry Potter Newborn Photography Props
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  3. Harry Potter Unisex Baby Up To No Good One Piece Bodysuit - Black (6 Months)
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  5. Harry Potter Lovey, Magical Snow Owl
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  7. Harry Potter aden + anais Swaddle Blanket
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  9. Harry Potter Baby Unisex Bandana Bibs
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  11. Harry Potter Baby Unisex Bib and Bootie Set
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Harry Potter Party Favors

Party favors aren’t essential, but if you want to give your guests something to go home with, these Harry Potter Pencil Wand and Glasses sets are a funny thank-you gift. And for a memory that’ll last forever, have everyone use their glasses and wands to pose for a picture!

Harry Potter Thank you Cards

When the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, make sure that someone is writing down who gave her what gifts, so writing thank you cards is a whole lot easier. Here are a few Harry Potter inspired thank you cards.

Harry Potter Thank You Cards

Harry Potter All Occasion Cards Assortment
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I hope you enjoy planning your ultimate Harry Potter themed baby shower, and remember to have fun throughout each step of the process. The expectant mother will be so grateful for your time and effort in making her day special.