42 Unforgettable Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

It doesn’t need to be winter and snowing outside to have a Disney’s Frozen themed birthday party. It has been almost 10 years since Disney’s Frozen was released, creating a blizzard of excitement in kids and adults worldwide.

Then in 2019, Frozen 2 arrived, and since then, party stores can’t keep their shelves filled with Frozen party items. As a result, Frozen parties are among the most popular party themes, especially in colder months.

Here you will find all the Frozen birthday ideas you need for a magical Frozen birthday party. 

Frozen Birthday Invitations

The first impression of your Frozen party is the invitation. Your invitations must include the date, beginning and end time, location, and information to RSVP.

Here are some options for your invitations. You can:

  1. Purchase standard, pre-made invites and handwrite your details.
  2. Purchase personalized invites, where you can edit the card online before it gets printed, or you can print it at a print store (online or local). 

Fill-in Birthday Invitations 

Fill-in birthday invitations allow you to fill in the specific details for your Frozen party. You order them, fill out the information, and mail them to your invitees. You don’t have to worry about ordering and printing them from a print store. 

If you want to add additional details, this might not be your best option. There is little room for further information. In that case, consider one of the personalized invites in the next section.

Customized Invitations

Make your Frozen birthday party invitation a little more personalized with this option. This is probably my favorite option because it is the most convenient for my busy life as a mom. I like how I can personalize it with all the details and then order it and have it shipped to my house, and I don’t have to go through a store to order it. And a plus is that it is very reasonably priced!

Frozen Customized Birthday Invitation #1
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Frozen Customized Birthday Invitation #2
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Frozen Theme Decorations

Finding the perfect decorations can be a little overwhelming, especially for a theme like Frozen, which is so popular and has so many options. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy Frozen theme kit that includes plates, napkins, tablecloths, garland, and centerpieces, then I recommend this kit. 

Balloons add the perfect touch to any party, especially a Frozen Party. I typically get a helium tank and an electric pump to help me blow up balloons for the party. Trust me, if you plan to make a balloon arch, get the electric pump. When you need to blow up that many balloons, you will need it. If I didn’t have one, I would have passed out from trying to blow up so many balloons. 

If you are going to make a balloon arch, you can use the tape strips or get a circle arch kit that includes PVC tubing and allows you to make an arch stand. If you need some assistance, this video will help you. 

Frozen Balloon Arch Kit
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Then you will use the helium tank for the foil balloons. This Frozen balloon set includes a few snowflakes, Anna, Elsa, and Olaf balloons. Also, use the helium tank for the number balloon

A Frozen theme background is also a great addition to a Frozen party. You can hang it on a wall so guests can take pictures with the characters or put it behind the main food or gift table. I recommend adding a 3D effect, like these hanging snowflakes, to give it a little extra touch. You can also hang the snowflakes around the venue. 

Frozen Theme Table Settings

frozen table decorations

There are many options for a table setting. If you are having the party at a venue that provides the tablecloths, dishes, and silverware, then you are all set and only have to focus on the centerpieces. 

If you are having the party at a location where you need to provide everything, I have provided my suggestions here.

I typically start with the tablecloth and plan the rest from there. I like the centerpiece and plates to stand out and not clash with the tablecloth. So I get a solid color tablecloth. I love having the extra to use for future parties or cover my kitchen table or counter when doing messy crafts or painting with my kids. For a Frozen party, I recommend a light blue tablecloth

Pair the tablecloth with Frozen plates and napkins, and top it off with this amazing glittery cutlery set!

The final touch of the table is a Frozen Theme Centerpiece. I like these Frozen honeycomb theme centerpieces, but I also love a DIY centerpiece. 

DIY Centerpiece

If you are interested in a DIY Frozen centerpiece, then here is one I would recommend: a cheap Frozen centerpiece option. 



  1. Collect your sticks and small branches. You must ensure 3 or 4 will fit in a vase/ container. Ensure you have enough for all of your tables.
  2. Spray paint the branches.
  3. Let branches dry. While they are drying, add fishing wire to your snowflakes so they can be tied to the branches. 
  4. Once sticks are dry, hang your snowflakes from the branches.
  5. Put branches in a vase.
    1. Depending on the type of container you are using, you may need to add some weight to the bottom. If this is the case, you can use small rocks and add them to the bottom. If it is a clear container, just spray paint them!

Frozen Theme Games and Activities

For a Frozen party, you will want to include Frozen theme activities and games. You can include activities where all your guests participate in the same activity. You can also do stations with different activities for the guests to rotate through. 

With younger kids, I find stations to be the most successful since there are smaller groups of children at each station, so they have more opportunities to participate in a game or activity involving taking turns. This typically results in them staying engaged in the activity longer. Just make sure you have enough adults to help facilitate each station. 

Frozen Theme Photo Booth

Having a photo booth with Frozen photo props will be a fun activity and will allow you some great opportunities to capture many memorable moments. 

Pin the Nose on Olaf

Growing up, many of the parties I went to had the Pin the Tale on the Donkey game. For a Frozen party, Pin Olaf’s Nose would be a perfect twist to the classic party game.  

Frozen Nail Painting

Every girl enjoys having their nails painted. Include these fancy snowflake nail art glitter to get into the Frozen spirit. 

Olaf Marshmallow Treat

“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”


Have your guests build an edible snowman.


  • Regular Marshmallows (3 for the body)
  • Mini marshmallows (2 for the feet)
  • Skinny stick pretzels (arms and to connect large marshmallows) 
  • Regular Chocolate chips (buttons)
  • Mini Chocolate chips (eyes) 
  • Candy corn (nose)
  • Toothpicks (to connect the feet)

Snowball Fight

Having an active activity to allow your guests to move and get energy out after all that sugar they eat will make the parents happy! A great way to do this is by having a “snowball fight” with cotton pom-pom snowballs.

Frozen Theme Food

Including Frozen theme-based foods at your party will add the magical touch any Anna and Elsa fan will enjoy. 

Frozen Icicles

Pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and covered with blue sprinkles are a very easy treat to include. You can follow this Frozen wand recipe if you want something a little fancier. 

Olaf Noses

This one is VERY easy to do. All you need is baby carrots and a label that says “Olaf’s nose.” You can pair it with a delicious veggie dip and have an easy-themed appetizer. 


Hans: “We finish each others”

Anna:  “sandwiches”

Frozen 1, 2013

You have gotten this far in planning your Frozen party, so I am sure you have seen the movie and remember this scene. I would include the quotes and place them near a platter of sandwiches. Honestly, I would order a platter from a local deli, grocery store, or Subway, but if you want to make your own, go for it!

Frozen Drink Ideas

A delicious frozen lemonade would be the perfect drink for your guests. This frozen lemonade recipe in the below video only involves 3 ingredients.  

Frozen Theme Cake Ideas

If you are planning to make your own cake, here are 8 frozen birthday cake ideas. When I have the time, I love to bake my own cake. But I am a busy mom, and sometimes I must rely on professionals to make the cake. I have gathered together 60 stunning Frozen theme cake ideas for you to look through and either show off your skills and make yourself or take the picture to your baker and have them make it. 

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a cake from a bakery, there are other options!

You can bake a simple cake or cupcakes or purchase a plain cake from your local grocery store and then decorate it yourself. 

For a Frozen theme party, I would consider the following for decorating the cake. 

If you are looking for additional Frozen dessert ideas, then you need to consider chocolate.

Elsa: “What is that amazing smell?”

Elsa and Anna: “Chocolate”

Frozen 1, 2013
Source from: www.devourdinner.com

Two of my favorite chocolate desserts are:

Frozen Theme Party Outfits

If your daughter or son wants a Frozen party, then there is a 99.9% chance they want to dress up as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, or Sven. 

This Elsa party dress will make your little one feel like a real princess on her special day. If your daughter prefers Anna, the perfect Anna party dress is here

If you are here planning a party for your son, then a Sven custom Frozen Sven costume would be fun for them on their big day. Or even this cute Olaf outfit

Frozen Theme Gift Ideas

I always love to purchase a gift that is the theme of my kid’s party. Then, throughout the year, as they play with it or we read a book about that theme, we can always share memories of the party. 

Frozen Duplos Lego Set


My kids love Duplos, which keeps them busy for a long time. I enjoy seeing them build with the different sets. If your Frozen fan also enjoys Duplos, then this Frozen Duplos Lego set would be a perfect Frozen theme gift for them. 

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Elsa's Enchanted Ice Vanity


Any little princess would be happy to have an ice vanity where they can do their hair and maybe even make-up. 

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Winter Wonderland Magnetic Building Blocks


Magnatiles are another favorite building toy we have in my house. With this Winter Wonderland Magnatile collection, you can build some spectacular Ice castles. 

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Frozen Theme Party Favors

You don’t have to go all out and spend a ton of money on party favors. The Olaf marshmallow snowman mentioned above could be your party favor. Or you could use one of these Frozen party favor ideas.

Frozen Wand and Tiara Crown
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Frozen Ice Rock Candy Sticks
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Frozen Birthday Reusable Drinking Straws
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Frozen Theme Thank You Cards

The last piece to a party happens after, but you don’t want to forget to tell your guests thank you. These snowflakes thank you cards would be perfect for you or your child to thank the guests for attending and any gifts given. 

Snowflakes Thank You Cards
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I hope you enjoy these ideas and have a wonderful time hosting your child’s Frozen party! Happy birthday to kiddo!