14 Dinosaur Cake Ideas That’ll Have Your Party Roaring

A dinosaur-themed birthday cake is a perfect addition to a dinosaur party. However, deciding on the ideal dinosaur birthday cake can be time-consuming and stressful. So, I have put together a list of dinosaur cake ideas, toppers, molds, and more to help you pick the best cake to celebrate your dino-loving kiddo’s big day. 

I often find myself searching the web for inspiration but come across pictures with no directions on how to make the cake. If you are not planning to bring a photo to your local bakery, then I am guessing you are like me and need some guidance on how to make a fantastic dinosaur cake.

The list below includes dinosaur cake ideas that you can make at home! You don’t even have to be a tremendous baker to make a cake that looks professionally made.

The Best Dinosaur Figurines and Cake Toppers

There are many options for dinosaur figurines and toppers. These allow you to bake your cake or make that store-bought cake look like a cake you ordered from a professional baker. Here are some perfect options for your dinosaur bash! Pick the perfect topper from the options below to add that final touch to your favorite recipe cake or your store-bought cake.

1. Decorate your Cake with Dinosaur Sprinkles

Using dinosaur sprinkles and a birthday sign or dinosaur figurine is another easy dinosaur birthday cake option if you do not want to bake or feel you are not a great baker. You can bake your cake, or if that is not something you are interested in, you can purchase a cake at a local grocery store and add sprinkles and toppers to it to fit the theme.

I like that you can get creative with this option. For example, if the cake is for a girl, you can add more pinks and purple to the cake’s frosting (if you decide to make it yourself).  

2. Create a Forest of Dinosaurs on Your Cake

These Forest-themed dinosaur decorations are an adorable option for a cake topper, especially for younger children. This toddler dinosaur cake decoration includes a blue, green, and red dinosaur made of rubber. It also has felt trees and clouds.

They are durable and super easy to use. In addition, there are multiple ways to arrange the figurines to create that perfect design you are looking for. 

3. Let Your Kiddos Name Roar with a Customized Cake Topper

If you want your child’s name on the cake, this cake topper adds a cute twist to their name. It adds “asaurus” on top of a green stegosaurus. It is thick and of excellent quality, so you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined before singing happy birthday. You can add this to a cake you baked or a store-bought.

4. Add Realistic Dinosaur Figurines to the Top of Your Cake 

dinosaur realistic figurines

These large realistic dinosaur figurines include a T-rex, Stegosaurus, Monoclonius, Acanthosis, Ceratosaurus, and Brachiosaurus. They are 6-7 inches long, so consider that when making or purchasing your cake.

I would recommend a 10 or more inch cake to allow them to fit proportionally on the cake. They are perfect for adding to a cake. Then after your child can use them for imaginary play. 

5. Use Glamorous Gold Dinosaur Toppers

gold dinosaur cake toppers

Gold Dinosaurs are a glamorous addition to that homemade or store-bought cake. This set also has artificial leaves, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur eggs. You can add them to a cake for the birthday boy or girl. Then after the party, they can be favors, or you can add them to your child’s dinosaur collection.

6. Create an Easy Jurassic Park Themed Cake

Jurassic Park Themed Cake toppers

Jurassic Park fans will love these cake decorations. I love how it includes a happy birthday topper that is Jurassic park themed font. It also contains green and gold balls to add a classy touch to the cake. 

7. Dress Up Your Cake with this Pink Dinosaur Cake Topper 

Pink Dinosaur Cake Toppers

It isn’t just boys that love dinosaurs; girls also do. So a pink themed dinosaur cake is precious for a little dino-loving girl. Check out these Pink Dinosaur Cake Toppers.

Dinosaur Skeleton Themed Cake Ideas

Do you have a little paleontologist on your hands? If so, a clever twist on a dinosaur birthday cake would be a dinosaur skeleton theme. 

8. Add Plastic Dinosaur Skeletons for a Simple Dinosaur Cake

Plastic Dinosaur Skeletons

These plastic fossil dinosaur skeletons would be the perfect addition to a cake or cupcake since they are two to three and a half inches big. You can also use them as party favors! This set includes a nice variety of dinosaur skeletons. 

9. Bake a Cake Your Dinosaur Loving Kid will Dig

This mold is an ice mold, but you can make a candy mold to add to your cake. 

Here are directions on how you can make the mold.

  1. Determine if you want to use one or both molds. Then, make sure what you pick fits on your cake. 
  2. Use a standard package (1 pound) of white almond bark to fill one mold.
  3. Melt the almond bark in the microwave or using a double boiler pot. 
  4. Pour the melted white almond bark into the molds about ¾ full.
  5. Place in the freezer until they are solid.
  6. Once solid, pop them out of the mold.
  7. You can dry-brush a little cocoa powder on the bones for an aged look. 
  8. Arrange the bones on top of your cake!

Use your Creative Baking Skills to Make these Dinosaur Cakes

I always say “at least give it a try”, maybe you will discover a skill you didn’t even know you had. These cakes take a little talent to bake, but the step-by-step directions provided will help you become that amazing baker you never knew you had in you.

10. Use A Dinosaur Mold to Make a Cake

dinosaur cake

If you are not much of a baker and don’t have any cake decorating experience beyond covering the whole thing in frosting, then I suggest using a dinosaur mold for your cake. I would recommend this Wilton dinosaur cake pan.

After reading the directions carefully and watching Wilton’s videos on Youtube for pointers, you will be ready to go and can bake the perfect cake for your dino-loving birthday kiddo. You can pick your cake batter, but if you want to follow the directions, they recommend using Wilton’s butter cake recipe plus a double batch of Wilton’s standard vanilla buttercream icing recipe.

For the decorations, you will want to purchase the items suggested on the pan’s directions:

Decorating the cake can take a while, but the result is impressive. The directions for decorating the cake are included with the cake mold. 

11. Create a Smoking Volcano Dinosaur Cake

Make their day extra special with a dinosaur volcano cake that lets off “smoke” as you sing them happy birthday! Watch this video and follow the step-by-step directions to make this fantastic cake.

You will need dry ice pellets. You will want to check online for your nearest supplier, as these can be challenging to find in some locations.

12. Use Cupcakes to Build a Dinosaur Cake

Constructing and carving out a dinosaur cake can be tricky to make, so if you are not feeling quite ready to tackle that baking skill yet, try this cupcake dinosaur cake! Follow this easy dinosaur cupcake tutorial to create a stegasours. You will want to make sure you have the following items to make your Stegasours.

13. Construct a Dinosaur Shaped Cake

If you are ready to take it to the next level and assemble your own dinosaur shaped cake, this is the recipe for you. It doesn’t include how to decorate. However, some frosting and sprinkles should do the trick!

14. Hatch Dinosaur Egg Cupcakes

ocmomblog dinosaur egg cupcakes
Credit: ocmomblog.com

If you have a child fascinated by dinosaur eggs, these edible dinosaur eggs would be the perfect addition to their dinosaur themed party. 

Happy birthday to the dino-loving birthday kiddo! I hope you enjoy adding your special touch to their cake.