Entertaining Coed Baby Shower Games

In the past mom often stayed home to raise the baby, so it made sense for a group of moms to celebrate at a baby shower. Today, baby-raising duties belong to mom and dad, or two dads and two moms. With family structures changing it makes sense to invite everyone who will love this precious new baby to a co-ed baby shower!

But as a host planning a coed baby shower, you may find yourself wondering what types of games will engage both guys and girls to keep your party boppin’ till it’s time to unwrap presents.

How to Pick Coed Baby Shower Games

You can pick the perfect co-ed baby shower games by following a few simple rules like knowing your guests and basing games on the size of your group.

  1. While you may not personally know every single guest, try to judge the overall preference of the group before you set up a drinking game or a game with adult content. If the new parents want to invite friends from their church, or friends who will bring small children, you want to make sure you plan appropriate games that will not shock anyone.
  2. Second, consider the size of your guest group before selecting games. Board games and some card games work better in an intimate group, while relay races or guessing games work great with a big group. It goes without saying that you must ensure you have enough game supplies for all your guests!
  3. Decide how many games you want to offer based on the length of the planned shower. Will you want to leave an hour for a picnic lunch and add on a couple of short games, or will most of the party center around the games? If so, you may want three four, or even five games lined up and ready to go.
  4. Finally, if this is your first time hosting a co-ed party, you may feel uncertain about serving as the game master/master of ceremonies for the party. If you feel uncomfortable announcing game rules and encouraging everyone to play, you could always ask a friend or family to take on this task for you! Just make sure you give them clear instructions before the shower begins.

Coed Baby Shower Games for a Small Group

Small, intimate baby showers where all your guests already know each other work great for board games or games where each guest needs to take a turn. 

  • Baby Scattergories makes a great, engaging shower game for both sexes. You can come up with your own baby-themed cards, or buy a kit like this to play the game with your small group. Keep in mind that you may want to write down rules ahead of time to avoid any contention over what does and does count as a winning word!
  • Board games like this Family FEUD–baby shower edition option also offer a great, intimate game perfect for a smaller group. Board games with everyone gathered around one table won’t work as well with a big group, but you can laugh and joke over each turn with a smaller group.
  • Have you ever seen the baby-themed Fun in the Oven card game? It works a lot like the famous Apples to Apples to game, but obviously uses words and phrases related to babies. (Content warning: you should not play this one if you have kids present!).
  • If your group loves Jeopardy, getting loud, or just laughing together, why not put together a game of baby jeopardy to display on your TV? You can make your own for free on websites like this one. You can use general baby trivia or make it more personal by including trivia about the new parents. You can check out our article on Baby Shower Jeopardy for some great ideas to include.

Coed Baby Shower Games for a Large Group

If you plan to have more than five or six couples at your coed baby shower, you will need group games that work well for a crowd.

  • If you know your guest like to drink, you can set up a hilarious diaper-pong game. You can make your own station for the game easily by buying a trifold board at a dollar store and stapling five or six open diapers to the board. Each guest gets four balls and a chance to toss the balls into the diapers–but for every missed throw, the guest has to take a drink!
  • For another drinking game, you can hold a baby bottle drinking challenge. Fill cheap baby bottles like these with beer (or the drink of your choice–you can even make it non-alcoholic!). Countdown to the start time and then all the guests have to chug the drink through the bottle nipple. Whoever finishes first wins a prize.
  • For a fun game that guests can work on throughout the party, make your own baby Pictionary cards. Use large index cards and label each one with the grossest baby-related situations you can think of, like projectile spit up, diaper blowout, and so on. Then challenge the guests to draw the scenario on the card. You can have the new parents pick the winning card.
  • Old-school games like “don’t say baby” can also work really well with a big group. Give every guest a diaper pin or clothespin as they arrive. Remind them that if they use the word “baby,” anyone who overhears can claim the pin. The guest with the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize! You can even buy don’t say baby kits that come with enough pins for 50 guests, like this one.

Coed Baby Shower Game Kits

If you don’t have time to find props or set up complicated games, you may want to purchase or download and print game kits instead. You can even buy complete sets of printed games on themed paper that matches your party decor!

  • This rustic-theme game set will pair well with an outdoor, boho, or spring-themed shower. To play the game, guests must translate emojis into baby song titles! The kit provides 25 cards, great for a group of ten to twelve couples.
  • This masculine-style beer theme game card set definitely fits in at a coed party! Guests have to unscramble baby-related words. The person who gets the most words right wins the game, though for added fun, you could make your guests take a drink for each guess they get wrong. The kit come with 25 cards.
  • If your guests don’t mind games a little on the raunchy side, this kit comes with two games: “beer belly or baby bump” and “baby butt or boobs”. Guests have to choose which option each picture shows. The game comes with two sets of 30 cards and an answer key for the host.
  • You can also get bulk coed baby shower game kits like this set of five different printed game cards. The set includes baby predictions, guess who mommy or daddy, emoji baby words, baby ABC, and a favorite memory card. You can find these kits in many themes, but this one offers a nice neutral leaves and flowers design.
  • Most baby showers include a time for the new parents to open presents. While it’s always wonderful to see all the support and love for the new parents, this can grow kind of boring for your guests. Why not liven up the present-opening session with a baby shower bingo challenge like this one?

Outdoor Coed Baby Shower Games

If you have access to a nice backyard or plan to host the baby shower outdoors, you can use games that take up more space or cause more mess. Active games like races that get everyone up and moving around are a great way to get guys and girls involved in the party fun!

  • Set up a start and stop point and hold a stroller race! All you need are two or three cheap baby doll strollers like these and a baby doll or stuffed animal to go in each one. Guest have to race each other to the finish line without letting the baby fall out of the stroller! Everyone will have to hunch over or use the tiny child-sized baby doll strollers to make the race even more hilarious.
  • For another fun baby-themed outdoor game, set up a baby bowling alley. You will need some giant baby bottles like these. Add some sand or coins to the bottom to weigh them down. Then give each guest a ball and let them go at it! This might work best on a paved surface like a driveway rather than a grassy lawn.
  • For a party in a warm season, you can host a “don’t drop baby” water balloon relay race! Fill up a bunch of water balloons like these and give each team one balloon. They have to get to the finish line and pass the balloon “baby” to a teammate without dropping it! The first team to cycle through all their teammates and cross the finish line wins.
  • Babies are adorable but also messy, as your guests will remember when they play “feed the baby.” For this game, every couple or team of guests picks one person to be the baby. That guest gets to wear a trashbag or poncho over his or her clothes, just in case! Next, the other guests put on a blindfold and then have to feed the baby while blindfolded. The first team to feed the baby all of the food in their baby food jar wins.
Photo: Parents

Practical Coed Baby Shower Games

With impending parenthood looming over them, the new parents may appreciate a few games with a practical twist as well.

  • On your shower invitations, ask every guest to bring a pack of diapers. The guests can cash in the diapers for poker chips before playing through a tournament! You can easily set up a poker game for a small group using a set like this. This game will work for a large group, but only if you have enough space to set up multiple tables casino-style, and can borrow a few poker sets from friends.
  • For a really practical challenge, set up a timed diaper-changing station using a plastic baby doll. If you want to make the game even more authentic, you could add a melted chocolate bar inside the diaper!
  • Another way to pinpoint practical matters in a baby shower game is to play a “how much does it cost today?” guessing game. You can easily make your own by listing common baby items like diapers, formula, and so on and then asking guests to estimate the current cost for that item. Use Google or Amazon as your price point for the answers. If that seems like a lot to pull together, you can also buy “the price is right” game kits for this guessing game.
  • Finally, what could be more practical than guessing the baby’s name? If the new parents choose not to let everyone know ahead of time, of course! All you need is a big jar and some nice cards for guests to fill out. At the end of the shower, read the cards and choose the closest guess as the winner.
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Best Prizes for Coed Baby Shower Games

The best prizes for coed baby shower games don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but you should try to think of a small item that guys and girls would both enjoy. This means leaving out cutesy items like candles or handsoaps, in general. Instead, try to think of gifts you would bring to an office gift exchange at work, suitable for anyone.

  • Food is always a safe choice–you can package up candy bars in fun ways or even just use a giant king-sized bar as the prize.
  • A nice tumbler or coffee mug always makes a useful prize.
  • Gift cards work, too–who doesn’t like a $10 Starbucks treat for free? 
  • If you choose to play board games or card games, you could buy a brand new version of the game to give to the winning team.
  • Use the packaging if you want the prize to reflect the baby theme a bit more. For example, put food inside a baby bottle or hide a gift card inside a diaper tied with a bow!


Co-ed baby showers bring all your family together to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby. You can keep your mixed group of guests entertained by offering games suitable for both guys and girls, like relay races, water balloon challenges, and even drinking games! End each game with a perfect prize like food or a gift card that all of your guests will appreciate.