46 Lovely Boho Baby Shower Ideas

Photo: Shan Fourie

Do you know a fun-loving, free-spirited mom-to-be? If so, she will probably love a boho baby shower!

The concept of a boho baby shower style actually comes from people trying to mimic the nomadic Romani culture during the 1960s and 70s. Today, a bohemian aesthetic still reflects some of that vibrant footloose vibe and embraces the eclectic 70s tone. It also draws heavily on the natural world and Native American culture. 

What does it actually look like? A boho style uses tons of colors or muted earth tones, bold geometric designs, fringes or tassels, and elements from nature like pampas grass and flowers.

If this sounds too colorful and crazy to you, don’t worry! You can follow the steps in the next section to easily create a gorgeous boho baby shower.

Location Ideas

One of the easiest ways to set the tone for your boho baby shower is to pick the right location for the event.

  • If the weather and season allow it, hosting an outdoor baby shower works perfectly for a boho theme. You could look for a park with a pavilion to rent or just set up a big white tent in your backyard. Mixing typical indoor and outdoor things by bringing furniture like a couch or chairs outdoors has a  boho vibe.

  • If you can’t take the party outside, bring a picnicking vibe inside by setting up blankets, rugs, and pillows on the floor for guests to sit on. Make sure you have a comfy throne for the mom-to-be, though, because no pregnant lady should have to sit on the floor!

  • If you want to get really free-spirited, find a warm, white-sand beach nearby and take the party to the ocean!

Boho Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The decor is the most fun and important part of a boho baby shower. This is where the aesthetic’s colors and natural vs. geometric designs will really come to life.

But before you start blowing up balloons, let’s get serious for just a minute. Keep in mind that we live in a global world today, but we still need to avoid cultural appropriation.

Anytime a more privileged group of people steals fashion or style ideas from the traditions of historically less privileged people, you do run the risk of being culturally insensitive. So please don’t throw up a “gift teepee” or invite your guests to braid feathers in their hair!

Since the core elements of boho style do draw heavily from both Romani and Native American culture, the whole aesthetic walks a pretty fine line already. Try to embrace the colors and general vibe of the style without decorating or hosting activities that will make your guests cringe.

Seriousness aside, you can have tons of fun with this decor!

  • Use flowers, pampas grass, or eucalyptus everywhere you can. For example, you could set up a flower backdrop for a selfie station, use pampas grass as table centerpieces, or borrow glass vases in all shapes and sizes from your friends, scatter them down the length of your table, and fill them with fresh flowers.

  • For an outdoor party, use the same concept and scatter recycled wine bottles down the table, but stick candles inside them instead of flowers. Or use Moroccan lanterns as a centerpiece instead!

  • Another way to work flowers into the decor is to use large wooden embroidery hoops and place an asymmetrical garland along one side, Or buy a few hoop garlands using fake flowers if you prefer!

  • Instead of typical plastic party glasses, why not visit a few thrift stores and collect a jumble of jewel-toned glassware? Then, your table will light up like a crystal rainbow! 

  • Macrame decor screams the 70s while also bringing in the geometric patterns that form an essential part of boho decor. If you never learned the knotting patterns of macrame at summer camp as a kid, don’t worry! You can buy pretty macrame wall hangings like this one instead.

  • You can really go all-in on the 70s vibe with these “one groovy baby” balloons!

  • If you can, find a way to work in hanging elements like hanging lanterns, draped fabrics, or fringed decorations like these tassel banners.

  • Last but not least, if you love the idea of boho decor but don’t have the time to pull it together, you can also buy bohemian baby shower kits that come with everything you need, like this banner, cupcake paper, and balloon kit!

Invites and Thank You Notes

Party invites and thank you notes “set the tone and bring it home,” as they say! 

  • If you want to DIY the cards, consider using an intuitive design program like Canva and focus on rainbows, flowers, or simple geometric designs.

Food and Drink Ideas

You want the boho food and drinks for your party to have an eclectic, natural, picnic-like air about them.

  • Most baby showers offer an assortment of finger foods for easy grazing. Think of this as a “bohemian buffet” and fill a table or counter with cheese trays, lots of fruits and veggies, and half sandwiches wrapped in brown paper and twine.

  • Unless the mom-to-be is vegetarian, this is the perfect setting for a charcuterie board, too! Find cool geometric serving trays like these to make your snacks look even more boho.

  • If your guests drink, you could have a minibar with colorful drink options like cocktails and mimosas. (But make sure you have non-alcoholic options for the mom-to-be as well!) To up the whimsical element of the party, you could even collect vintage glassware for the drink glasses from local thrift stores.

  • If you plan to offer a full meal instead of a grazing buffet, try to work in lots of natural foods, Go green with items like asparagus or peas, and focus on fresh fruit or roasted pears for dessert.

  • Another way to keep the food boho is to pick foods with vibrant colors, like watermelon, pink lemonade, or berry tarts.

  • Anything on a stick works great, too! Think chicken and veggies on bamboo skewers, prosciutto wrapped around cheese straws, or even marshmallows dipped in chocolate on toothpicks!
boho baby shower
Photo: Party Slate

Boho Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Often the cake serves as the visual lodestone for the food table, drawing all eyes toward its splendor.

  • If you want a shaggy 70s-style boho cake, simply buy tip 233, known as the “grass tip” for an icing bag, and pipe tufts of fringe all over a cake!

  • The simplicity of a naked cake–meaning a cake not fully covered in frosting, allowing you to see the cake layers–really sells the boho vibe. Plus, you can dress up a naked cake with fancy cake topper kits like this eucalyptus and rose set!

  • You can also find all kinds of boho cupcake toppers. You can buy a set of cupcakes from your grocery store and plunk these guys on top for the easiest baby shower cake of all time if you want!

  • If you want to invest a few hours in cake decorating, you can create amazing cactus cupcakes to celebrate the natural side of the boho vibe, too! Watch this two-minute tutorial from Leonor’s Sweet Creations to see how.

Activity Ideas

One of the best ways to get your guests into the party spirit is to set up boho-themed games and activities to keep everyone busy.

  • Bust out the 70s by hosting a tie-dye baby blanket station! Buying a tie-dye kit like this one makes the activity fun and easy.

  • Teach everyone how to make flower crowns with fresh flowers (if you need some tips, check out this quick tutorial from Megan Nielsen).

  • Or you can celebrate nature and set up a planting station. Give everyone a flower pot and wildflower seeds to plant, or have them decorate a cute pot to fill with a succulent or cactus.

  • If you like arts and crafts, why not learn how to make macrame with this simple starter kit that is perfect for a boho party?

Party Favor Ideas

Sending your guests away with a party favor is an elegant way to say thank you for the time they devoted to attending the party and the gifts they brought for the new family.

  • Wrap a bar of artisanal soap in a rectangle of brown paper, tie it with twine, and add a sprig of rosemary or lavender as decoration.

  • Gift everyone a tiny potted plant, such as a succulent.

  • A small candle with a brown-paper gift tag also makes an excellent boho party favor.

  • Of course, you can also buy sets of boho party favors like these rainbow keychains in cute party bags.

boho baby shower

Best Gift to Bring to a Boho Baby Shower

When you attend a baby shower as a guest, you may want to bring a special gift that reflects the theme of the party. Of course, if the mom-to-be has a baby shower register, you should also pick a gift from that list! But you can also have a little fun searching for the perfect boho baby present.

  1. Earth-toned Stacking Rainbow
  2. Earth-toned Stacking Rainbow

    This earth-toned stacking rainbow looks boho, but also comes with built-in educational opportunities, making it the perfect gift for a family considering a Montessori learning style for their new little one.

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    07/05/2023 06:45 am GMT
  3. Macrame Hair Bow Holder
  4. Macrame Hair Bow Holder

    What could fit better in a boho nursery than this macrame hair bow holder

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    07/05/2023 06:45 am GMT
  5. Macrame Baby Swing
  6. Macrame Baby Swing

    If you're looking for a pricey, one-of-a-kind gift in the boho party style, this macrame baby swing, perfect for babies and toddlers, will provide several years of fun for the new family!

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    07/05/2023 06:50 am GMT
  7. Boho Rainbow Monthly Milestone Blanket
  8. Boho Rainbow Monthly Milestone Blanket

    This rainbow monthly milestone blanket will set up the new family for perfect photo ops during the baby's first year!

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  9. Diaper Caddy Organizer
  10. Diaper Caddy Organizer

    If you want a more practical gift, consider getting several of these nursery storage baskets with a cute fringed design. The internal caddies will work great for changing tables or stashing bottles and diapers away in a stroller.

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  11. Boho Rainbow Nursery Wall Decor
  12. Boho Rainbow Nursery Wall Decor

    If you know the gender of the little one, you could also gift a set of nursery decor like these adorable boho prints. 

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  13. Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf
  14. Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf

    This knotted cotton ottoman would also make an excellent gift for a boho nursery.

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  15. Baby Girl Sleeveless Romper
  16. Baby Girl Sleeveless Romper

    Go with a 70s style and buy this sweet daisy bellbottom set for a girl.

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  17. baby Woodstock Banded Short Sleeve Onesie
  18. baby Woodstock Banded Short Sleeve Onesie

    Or you can geet this Woodstock onesie for a boy.

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  19. Washable Baby Gym Activity Center with Play Mat
  20. Washable Baby Gym Activity Center with Play Mat

    This washable playmat with an arch to hang toys will provide hours of tummy time and play for the new little one! Plus, it has a muted boho style with rainbow and flower decor.

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  21. White Noise Machine
  22. White Noise Machine

    What gift could be more practical than this faux-wood white noise machine to help the baby sleep?

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boho baby shower


Boho baby showers have a fun, free vibe that is perfect for a free-spirited new family. This style offers many fun decor options, like putting pillows on the floor for seating or gathering thrifted glasses and dishes for the tableware. Adding natural elements like flowers and pampas grass will also bring the decor to life!

The best part about hosting a boho baby shower is its free and easy feeling, providing a welcoming space for the new mom and all your guests.

If you are not sure that a boho baby shower is the perfect theme for the mom to be you can browse our other baby shower theme articles!