40 Buzzing Bee Baby Shower Ideas

If you want to throw the world’s cutest-ever baby shower, you can’t go wrong with an adorable buzzing bee theme! Besides the built-in cuteness factor, this theme also works well for a gender-neutral party, perfect for new parents who don’t embrace gendered colors like pink and blue, or simply don’t want to reveal the gender of the baby yet.

Maybe you love planning parties, and the thought of putting together a bee-themed shower has you “buzzing” with excitement. But if not, don’t worry. In the following sections, you can find all the ideas you need for planning food, decorations, games, and even thank-you notes!

Bee Baby Shower Themes

You can throw a delightful baby shower with a basic buzzing bee theme using colorful black and yellow striped decor, but you can also expand the idea further with cute themes like these!

Mommy to Bee or Parents to Bee

This cute theme focuses on the parents and works well for first-time parents. Millennials, in particular, may enjoy this play on words and the focus on the young, hip adults gathering together to celebrate their first step into parenthood.

Little Honey Bee

This sweet theme gives you full rein to decorate with flowers and load the snack table with honey-themed treats! 

Soon to Bee a Family of Three

This theme has a welcoming vibe for a co-ed baby shower where you want the guys and the gals to feel like part of the proceedings. 

Sweet as Can Bee

Just like the “little honey bee” theme, this one focuses on the new little one and gives you a chance to highlight any sweet treat you want, from ice cream to cake pops!

Oh BaBee

This modern, funny theme may have a bit more of a girly vibe, but you can take it in whatever direction you want! You could play up the theme with pink and yellow bee decor or keep things more gender-neutral with simple yellow.

Welcome Little Bee

This loving and basic bee theme covers all the bases for you. It has a gender-neutral vibe; you can decorate with anything bee-themed and make the new mom and all the guests feel super welcome.

A Little Honey is on the Way

This theme also has a sweet, cozy feeling. You can play up the “honey” part of the bee theme by giving guests honey-related party favors.

Bee Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The best thing about a buzzing bee-themed baby shower is how easily you can find bee decoration ideas!

If you love DIY, you can easily create most of this decor yourself. The advantage to putting together a few things yourself is that you can often buy supplies cheaply at the Dollar Store or your local craft store. 

But if you need to save time more than you need to save a few pennies, you can also buy your bee-themed party decor off Amazon.

  • You can make bumble bee balloons by painting a black stripe around a yellow helium-filled balloon, cutting two wings out of printer paper, and taping them on. Of course, you can also buy bumble bee balloons or even a whole bee balloon arch kit if you prefer.
  • Anything in black and yellow can give things a buzzing bee vibe! Hang black and yellow pompoms from the ceiling, or get a set of striped tablecloths and napkins. You can also easily make your own tissue paper pompoms by following this tutorial from American Greetings.
  • For a classy backdrop to the photo booth, gift table, or cake table, stack up a bunch of hexagonal metal shelves like these to form an elegant honeycomb. Or make your own honeycomb shapes by hot gluing together popsicle sticks in hexagons!
  • If you don’t want to overdo it on the balloons, you can spring for flowers instead! Sunflowers go perfectly with a bee-themed shower because of the black-and-yellow colors. Black-eyed Susans would also work well. Try wrapping a mason jar with burlap or twine and then use it as a vase to display the flowers.
  • It’s always fun to make or buy a big banner or backdrop with a special message to hang at a central point in the party venue, like behind the food table. You can proudly display your party theme here. For example, this backdrop announces the “a little honey bee is on the way” theme, while this cottage-core banner reads “mommy to bee.”
  • For bee-themed centerpieces, why not make a beehive out of coiled rope? Or you can buy a few of these honeycomb paper hives instead for a colorful touch on the table.

Bee Baby Shower Invitations and Thank You Notes

You can buy bee-yutiful invites for your bee-themed shower, make your own digital invites with a few clicks, or even handmake the cards if you prefer the personal touch.

If you want to buy invitations to mail out, you can find cards with pretty much any theme you want, like this “mommy to bee” set. This set of generic bumble bee invitations lets you add all the details without specifying a theme.

You can also make cute baby bee invites yourself! Print out the details on paper and cut out a circle around this. Next, cut out a yellow circle of the same size, and then cut it in half. Add a small yellow circle at the top for a head, and glue the yellow half-circles to either side as wings.  

Or make your own bee-themed invitations on the computer screen using a free design program like Canva.com, and print them out before mailing them.

You can also send free emailed invites through websites like Punchbowl or Evites

You can make or buy thank-you notes in the same way. If you know the new mom or new parents well, you may want to tactfully offer them a set of bee-themed thank-you notes to send out following the shower. Of course, if you are the new parents, you will want thank you notes to send out! Traditionally it is still considered more polite to send physical notes in the mail rather than sending digital thank yous.

Bee Baby Shower Cake Ideas

What baby shower would “bee” complete without a cake to take center stage on the food table? 

  • Turn a layer cake into a honeycomb by cutting out hexagons of yellow fondant and stacking them up the sides like a honeycomb.
  • For a really unique cake, bake the whole thing inside a bowl and then turn the cake upside so that it has a dome shape. Then use a wide circle tip in your icing bag and pipe wide ropes of yellow icing around the dome, one ring at a time, till you cover the whole thing. It will look like a beehive! For added cuteness, you could pop on a few edible bee decorations as well.
  • If a large cake seems overwhelming, you could make beehive cupcakes instead! Bake chocolate cupcakes in cute liners like these, and then use a simple swirl of yellow icing in the shape of a beehive to top the cupcakes.
  • If you want to make a homemade cake but do not love decorating, simply swirl white icing over your tasty cake layers and then decorate this confection with a cutesy cake topper like this one.
  • Cake pops have a small round shape that also works perfectly for mini-bumble bee treats. Watch this short tutorial from Courtney’s Cake Pops to learn how to make your own bumble bee pops!

Bee Baby Shower Food Ideas

Whether you want to offer nibbling tidbits or a full meal, you will want to add some bee-related foods to keep your theme buzzing!

  • Anything yellow will work perfectly! Fill up a big glass drink dispenser with lemonade and tape a black ribbon around the outside of the glass. Or dip giant stick pretzels in yellow candy coating. Or even just thinking about yellow foods, like mango, pineapple, bananas or banana pudding, and so on.
  • Everyone loves food on a board these days, so why not make a bee cheese board? Use stripes of yellow cheese with darker-color crackers to create a bumble bee effect.
  • Do you like the old-fashioned fun or a cheeseball? If so, give that yellow cheeseball a bee update with a few stripes made out of olives. Then, stick two skewers in front and stack them with olives to create bee antennae!
  • For an exquisite bee-themed food, try making bumble bee macarons! You can watch this tutorial from Sugar Bean to get a step-by-step guide to the process.

Bee Baby Shower Games

Once all your guests arrive, you want to keep them buzzing around like happy little bees with some hands-on activities and games!

  • Bee-lieve it or not, you can buy premade buzzing bee shower games! If that makes your life easier, check out kits like this one. 
  • Sometimes it’s nice to have a passive game running during the party. You can freshen up the traditional “guess how many” game with a bee theme by filling a mason jar with honeycomb cereal and asking the guests to guess how many honeycombs fit inside the jar.
  • Play a round of bumble bee bingo using premade cards, or print out your own using a free program like this.
  • As another twist on a classic shower game, put up a sign saying, “a buzzing bee stole the pacifier!” Hide ten to twenty pacifiers around the party space, and tell guests that the person who finds the most pacifiers will win a prize.

Bee Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

One great way to elevate your status as a party host is to prepare game prizes and party favors to hand out. This shows that you appreciate your party guests and want to give them a little something even though most of the focus remains (as it should) on the new parents.

Check out a few fun bee-themed prize and favor ideas:

  • If you have a bunch of small jars or honey bears stored away, buy one big jar of honey and pour a bit into each jar. Dress up the jars with a bit of yellow ribbon, and you have a perfect party favor to hand out!
  • Bees and flowers go together beautifully, so you could also hand out small packets of wildflower seeds as a party favor. 
  • Or buy a set of elegant honeycomb favor boxes and fill them with a fun treat like M&Ms or Hershey’s Kisses.
  • You could even hand out funny prizes or favors like these scratch-off cards!


You can put together a baby shower that has your guests saying “this is just the bee’s knees!” with just a bit of planning ahead. You’ll want to think about bee-themed decorations, cakes, and treats. You can get things off to a great start by picking a bee theme like “mommy to bee” or “sweet as honey.”

Once you plan the theme and decor, you can keep the party buzzing by having several bee-related games and activities planned for guests. And, of course, you can hand out bee-themed prizes to the winners after the games!

What is your favorite bee-themed party idea?