27 Beautiful Baby Shower Themes for Girls

A baby shower is one of the most treasurable experiences for a mom-to-be. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower for yourself, a family member, or a close friend, there are plenty of beautiful themes for girls to choose from. And long gone are the days of “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” — you can incorporate whatever colors you like, as long as they complement the theme. 

To get the inspiration juices flowing, we’ve gathered over 20 baby shower ideas for girls below. You’re sure to find a theme that suits the mom-to-be’s tastes (and honors her little bundle of joy).

Modern Baby Girl Shower Themes

Does the mom-to-be like to keep things modern? Then these themes will be right up her alley! Classic colors for a modern girl’s baby shower include silver, gold, rose gold, and white.

  • Geometric modern theme: This bold but elegant theme uses decorations in stylish, geometric shapes. Look for geometric containers, paper lanterns, and balloons with abstract patterns. You can also customize invites to have geometric style borders.
  • Modern glam theme: Glam up the party with a whole load of sparkly decorations and frills. Just make sure not to go too over the top. We recommend decorations like a balloon arch, pompoms, and a simple floral centerpiece for this theme. You can also add chic name labels to your guests’ glasses for a personalized touch.
  • Watercolor modern theme: Watercolors offer a subtle but elegant and modern feel. Use pastel hues, hang up your favorite watercolor art pieces throughout the room, and opt for a tall cake with a soft drip effect. You can even surprise guests with watercolor painting activities.
  • Pure white modern theme: Making the baby shower pure white, even down to the food offered, is sure to have a unique, modern feel. This daring theme works best in a household with dark decor, providing a beautiful contrast. 

Rustic Baby Girl Shower Themes

A rustic theme offers a homely, warm feel, making it the perfect option for mamas that love to keep things cozy. 

Photo: Upbeat Soles
  • Woodland rustic theme: Opt for warm, muted colors and use twine, candles, floral garlands, barrels, and log slices for decorations. Mason jars containing flowers and fairy lights also work wonderfully. 
  • Spring green rustic theme: Decorate the table with artificial green vine, white lace, candles, and dried flowers. Try to opt for bright green hues since they’ll best replicate the liveliness of spring. If you want to go the extra mile, these candleholder wreaths will bring a fresh atmosphere and further immerse guests in the theme. 
  • Glamping theme: This theme is ideal for an outdoor baby shower. Set up a small campfire, teepee, and plenty of plush pillow seating. Then, add fairy lights and lanterns around the yard.

You can also incorporate the rustic theme into food; opt for fruit platters, cheese boards, and campfire delights like smores. 

Boho Baby Shower Themes for Girls  

If the mama-to-be is a total trendsetter, she’ll definitely appreciate a boho girl baby shower theme. It’s similar to a rustic theme but with more whimsical, free-spirited, and eclectic qualities. Boho themes also tend to feature bolder colors. 

Photo: Wildwood Studio
  • Boho chic theme: Color is your best friend at a boho chic themed party! Mix and match vibrant colors together, and make a statement with drapery, vintage glassware, seasonal florals, and a velvet linen tablecloth. 
Photo: Party Slate
  • Floral boho theme: Opt for bold, lively flowers, shawls, floral wreaths, and vases (or mason jars) of different sizes and shapes. You can also create a flower wall photo backdrop — guests will appreciate it when snapping selfies and group photos. 
  • Festival boho theme: If you’re not on a budget, a boho festival theme will be a total hit with guests. Set up a small stage area and decorate it with fairy lights, flowers, and lanterns. Invite a local folk band to perform for a professional feel, or host a casual karaoke night if you want to get your party guests involved.

You should also encourage your guests to dress for the boho theme! It’ll liven up the party and strengthen the theme’s free-spirited, eclectic vibe. Encourage guests to interpret the boho theme as they see fit, offering some pointers, such as earthy hues, comfortable materials, artsy touches like beads, and bold patterns. 

Great boho baby shower activities include making s’mores around a firepit, flower pressing, painting, and planting. For something a little more whimsical, consider tarot reading, sharing folklore stories, or magic card tricks. 

Little Princess Baby Shower Theme for Girls

A princess baby shower theme is a classic that never gets old. You can keep things subtle by incorporating pink hues, sparkles, ribbons, and frills, or go full out with princess-themed decorations and foods. 

You can even base the theme on a fictional princess character. For example, if the mom-to-be loves Belle, opt for gold and yellow hues and decorate the table with an elegant white runner, tall candles, and teapots. You can also buy a lifesize cutout of the princess (perfect for a photoshoot).

But no matter what approach you take, always make sure to incorporate tiaras! A great idea is to give guests matching tiaras to wear, but if you want something more budget-friendly, simply draw tiaras onto balloons or add themed toppers onto party food. 

Unique Baby Shower Themes for Girls

These unique girl baby shower themes are ideal for mamas who love living on the wild side!

  • Mad scientist theme: This is a great baby shower theme if the mama is known for her wacky humor. Buy white lab coats for guests to wear when they arrive, and serve drinks in flasks and beaker glasses. Stick warning sign labels on them for that “mad” touch. You can also hang up colorful paper fan garlands to represent DNA.
  • Farm girl theme: A farm girl theme is cute, quirky, and sure to wow guests. Decorate the table with a red and white linen cloth, and use flowers, wooden signs, and plush farm animals as decorations. You can even incorporate the theme into the food; simply buy farm animal cookie cutters and food toppers.  
  • Space theme: This theme is particularly beautiful and is one of my absolute favorites! Decorate the table with a black cloth and sprinkle on sparkly stars, white confetti, and glitter. Then, fill glass bowls with colorful tissue paper to represent planets. Other incredible decorations include glow-in-the-dark stars, a DIY rocket centerpiece, and a moon lamp

Book-Inspired Baby Girl Shower Themes 

If the mom-to-be is a total bookworm, why not honor her passion with a book-themed baby shower? You can draw inspiration from her favorite books, timeless classics, or even from my ideas below:

  • Harry Potter theme: Make the baby shower extra magical with a Harry Potter theme. Pick a color scheme from any of the four house colors and decorate the table with owls, Harry Potter merchandise, and vintage lanterns. 
  • Fairytale theme: Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks — there are plenty of tales that can inspire a baby shower! It’s also reasonably easy to find party supplies associated with fairytales. For example, I quickly browsed Amazon for Red Riding Hood decorations and instantly found this gorgeous themed tapestry, a gingham basket, and picnic-style tableware set.
  • Superheroine theme: Comic lovers will definitely appreciate a superheroine theme. You can include various famous fictional superheroines, like Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, and Captain Marvel, or build the theme around a specific character. For example, for a Wonder Woman theme, you could opt for red and gold hues and decorate the table with sparkly rope.

Tea Party Baby Shower Themes for Girls

A tea party baby shower is pretty, fun, and lets the mom-to-be satisfy her sweet tooth. Here are my personal favorite tea party themes:

  • Elegant tea party theme: Keep things classy with a white table runner, a 3-tier stand display, silver cutlery, and vintage china plates. For a more budget-friendly alternative, consider this gorgeous disposable paper tableware set. It can accommodate up to 25 guests. 
  • Casual picnic theme: This is an excellent theme for sunny weather. You can host this baby shower at a local park surrounded by nature or simply in your backyard if you have the space. Make it special with a traditional picnic hamper, gingham blanket, and tasty goods from a local bakery.
  • Alice in wonderland tea party theme: A wonderland tea party theme is whimsical and fun! You can go wild with this theme and make it as whacky as you want, but here are a few ideas to get you started; a magical tableware set, teapots in various shapes and sizes, wonderland-themed treats, colorful paper patterns, and lawn flamingos. You can also add signs throughout the room that read “this way up” and “this way down.” 

Animal Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Let the mom-to-be get in touch with her wild side with these animal baby shower themes for girls! 

  • Ladybug theme: Ladybugs symbolize good luck, protection, and resilience, so they’re an excellent animal for a baby shower theme. You can keep things simple with red and black polka dot decorations or go full out with these ladybug party supplies
Photo: Hip Hoo-Rae
  • Unicorn theme: Magical, sweet, colorful — a unicorn theme is sure to be a total hit, and due to its popularity, you’ll also have no problem finding unicorn-themed decorations. You can even give your guests unicorn headbands to include them in the theme.
Photo: Adornmentop
  • Safari theme: A safari theme is fun, adventurous and allows you to include all kinds of exotic animals, like lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras, and rhinos. My favorite safari decoration is flamingo cup holders!

Cute Baby Girl Shower Themes

The mom-to-be’s bundle of joy is going to be totally adorable. So, why not honor them with an equally cute (well, almost as cute!) baby shower?

  • Candy girl theme: This baby shower theme is colorful and literally sweet. Opt for bold, bubblegum-like colors, such as neon blues and pinks, and decorate the table with an assortment of candies. I recommend having a platter of colorful cupcakes or a chocolate fountain as the centerpiece. 
  • Teddy bear theme: This bear-y sweet shower theme requires minimal effort to pull off. Gather your old push teddy bears and place them throughout the room. Then, print off paw prints and have a trail leading from the front door to the table. If you have the budget, you can also invest in a teddy bear tableware set, like this one available on Amazon.
  • Seasonal theme: A seasonal baby shower theme is cute, trendy, and allows for plenty of creativity. If it is summer? Stick to bright hues, showy flowers, and fruity decorations. Winter? Create a magical winter wonderland with fake snow, fairy lights, and balloons featuring penguins and polar bears. And for fall? Incorporate rustic hues and cozy campfire vibes.

Under the Sea Baby Girl Shower Theme

If the mom-to-be grew up on The Little Mermaid or loves aquatic wildlife, this baby shower theme is a splashtastic idea. Use vibrant blue hues, fish-themed decorations, shells, and green paper garlands to represent seaweed.

Try also to find balloons that suit the sea theme. This particular set will be an excellent addition as it includes all kinds of aquatic animals, such as sharks, seahorses, and fish. If you want to add a touch of magic, opt for these adorable mermaid balloons instead. 

Another great idea is to buy a bubble machine or give each guest a mini bubble blower on their arrival. It’ll genuinely help bring the theme to life and keep people entertained throughout the party. 

Final Thoughts

Coming up with a baby shower theme can be challenging, especially when you want it to be beautiful and truly honor the mom-to-be! However, I hope my ideas above have helped you in the planning process. And remember: don’t get too stressed and enjoy the experience. The mom-to-be will surely appreciate your efforts, regardless of how the overall result turns out. 

If you need more help or want to explore more baby shower themes, browse my blog!