29 Cute Boy Baby Shower Themes for 2023

Planning a baby shower is a huge responsibility. Before you start anything else, you and the expectant mother must first decide on one of the many baby shower themes for boys that you want for the party. Luckily, you have many themes to choose from, from simple and standard blue baby boy themes to more colorful niche themes that incorporate the mom-to-be’s personality and interests. You really are spoilt for choice!

To help with your baby shower planning process, I’ve put together a list of 29 adorable baby shower themes and ideas for boys that will celebrate the new bundle of joy in the best way.

Popular Baby Shower Themes for Boys

If you can’t decide on a specific theme, then these popular baby shower themes for boys will be your best bet. As they are a favored choice, there are tons of decorations, food suggestions, and perfectly themed games for you to choose from, which, all in all, makes your party planning a whole lot simpler. 

Little Prince Baby Shower

A party fit for a prince. This little prince baby shower theme is a fantastic way to celebrate mom and her little prince on the way. Stick with navy blue, gold, and white for your color palette, adding in a backdrop, balloons, and other decorations wherever you see fit. 

Safari Baby Shower

I love safari themes for any party, which is no exception for baby showers. A safari balloon arch is a great way to portray your theme elegantly and beautifully. Add some large plush safari animals like a giraffe, a lion, and a hippo (these also double up as fantastic nursery decor), and you’re all set!

Baby Shark Baby Shower

It may be one of the most annoying songs in history, but baby shark sure makes for a wonderful baby shower theme. Think bright, bold colors for your balloons and backdrop, and don’t forget the recognizable baby shark characters.

Mama to Bee Baby Shower 

For springtime babies, a bee-inspired baby shower is an adorable theme to celebrate the expectant mother-to-be. You’ll need a yellow bee balloon arch, yellow and white fake flowers, and plenty of sweet treats. 

Up, Up, and Away Baby Shower

There is something so peaceful and elegant about hot air balloons, especially in beautifully soft, pastel colors. Decorate your venue with hot air balloon lanterns, sticking with muted tones in various colors. Follow this tutorial to make your own hot air balloon lantern. You can add a pastel blue balloon arch to represent the sky and these adorable cloud decorations.

Boho Baby Shower 

Boho-inspired baby showers are all the rage right now, and if you didn’t know, they include natural brown, creme, and white tones, pampas grass plants, and other dried flowers. Boho baby showers are on the more feminine side. But the party is for mom, so it can be more feminine, and you will still create the baby shower of her dreams!

Photo: Aden’s Mom

Tie-Dye Baby Shower 

When you think of tie-dye, bright, bold colors spring to mind, and if that’s what the mom-to-be loves, then head down that route, but if you’d prefer a more muted tie-dye theme, then opt for blue tie-dye in different shades. You can create your own tie-dye decorations like a tablecloth with a tie-dye kit, accompany the tie-dye with a blue tassel garland, and finish off the theme with a blue tie-dye cake.

Rustic Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Nature-inspired baby showers are becoming more regular, and I love the idea of a natural color palette that brings the great outdoors in. Many decorations for rustic baby showers you can DIY yourself, and as these showers are themed toward the great outdoors, outdoor venues like your local park will complement them perfectly.

Cowboy Baby Shower 

Whether the new baby is destined to be a cowboy or the mom loves the Wild West, a cowboy baby shower theme is a fun way to celebrate the new baby. You can stick with traditional cowboy colors of red, brown, and white, or you also can throw some blue in there with this baby shower cowboy backdrop and cowboy balloon arch kit

Woodland Baby Shower 

It doesn’t get more rustic than a woodland-themed baby shower. Use shades of brown, green, and creme with this balloon arch, banner, and backdrop adding in cute animal decorations or DIY decorations as you go.  

Photo: Aspen Jay

Nothing S’more Fun Than a Baby 

A smores-themed shower is a sweet way to celebrate a new baby (excuse the pun.) Build a smores-making station, decorate your outdoor venue with wood and natural colors, and add additional camping-themed elements to tie your theme together. 

The Adventure Awaits Baby Shower 

Travel-mad mommas will love an “adventure awaits baby shower.” Stick to natural colors like green, brown, and blue, and add mountains, arrows, trees, and animal decorations.

Photo: Hooray Mag

Our Little Pumpkin is On the Way 

A perfect shower for a baby expected in the fall is an “our little pumpkin is on the way” theme. A fall-colored balloon arch and textured miniature pumpkins would be all the decor you need. However, you could also add in other decorations as you please. 

Sports Baby Boy Shower Themes

Some people live and breathe sports, and if your mom-to-be falls into that category, consider a sports-inspired theme for her upcoming baby shower. 

Baseball Baby Shower 

If mom-to-be tunes into every baseball game, then there is no better theme than a baseball baby shower. So decorate with generic baseball theme baby shower decorations or decorate to reflect mom’s favorite team.  

All-Star Baby Shower 

For a more generic sports theme, opt for an all-star baby shower for your sports-loving momma. Serve traditional sports snacks like hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and pretzels, and decorate with sport-themed balloons and a sports backdrop

Photo: Martha Potts

Fishing Baby Shower 

Whether mom likes fishing in the open ocean or down at her local lake, a fishing baby shower is a fun and exciting way to celebrate her new baby. Line the walls with a decorative fishing net, add on an it’s a boy fishing-themed banner, and serve only fished-themed food.

Photo: Pinterest

Book and Movie Inspired Baby Shower Themes

Everyone has their favorite book or movie, and if mom is a superfan, then you have no choice but to theme her baby shower accordingly. 

Noah’s Ark Baby Shower 

The animals came in two by two, hurrah! An adorable theme (especially if the baby’s name is Noah) that can incorporate a range of different animals and aesthetic pastel colors is Noah’s ark. I would choose a neutral balloon arch for this theme and add large animal cutouts or inflatables

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Peter Rabbit sporting his little blue coat is a fantastic baby shower theme for baby boys. You can decorate your venue with blue balloons to match Peter’s coat and a backdrop or cutout featuring the bunny himself.

Photo: Dekokids

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Shower

For a Where the Wild Things Are baby shower, you’ll want to decorate with natural colors like green and brown, keeping it as rustic as possible. I love this natural-colored balloon arch and Where the Wild Things Are backdrop that portrays your theme and acts as a fantastic photo opp. 

Harry Potter Baby Shower

Harry Potter is a favorite in many households, and if there is a little wizard on the way, you’ll want to throw a wizarding world baby shower. I’ve put together an entire article for Harry Potter baby shower ideas for you to check out, but if you’re deciding on a Harry Potter theme, then you can head down the traditional Harry Potter route and decorate with all four house colors, or you could theme the party to the mom’s chosen house (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.)

Star Wars Baby Shower

If the baby is not, in fact, a wizard, but a Jedi, then you’ll want to be throwing a Star Wars-themed baby shower instead. For a Star Wars baby shower, use blue, black, silver, and gold with decorations like this balloon arch, these Star Wars lanterns, and these letters to create a baby Jedi banner.

Baby Mickey Baby Shower

Calling all Disney fans to throw a baby Mickey baby shower for an expectant boy mom. If you didn’t already know, baby Mickey sports an adorable blue onesie making him the perfect character to theme a baby shower fit for a boy. Combine a blue balloon arch with blue Mickey-shaped balloons, and finish with a baby Mickey backdrop

Photo: creatingyourdreams_cd

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

A different Disney approach is a Winne the Pooh-themed baby shower, and if you want to steer clear of the traditional “blue for boys” themes, then Winnie the Pooh would be an excellent alternative. Of course, Pooh is yellow, so most of your decorations will be yellow, with some browns and green thrown in. You can also add blue if you want, but that is entirely optional. Balloon arches are always a great focal point for a party, and I love adding a backdrop to make the perfect photo spot. If you are looking for more ideas, I’ve put together an entire article for a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower.

Toy Story Baby Shower

The final Disney baby shower idea is Toy Story, and this one will be far more colorful than most other baby shower theme ideas on this list. Inflate balloons in the well-known Toy Story colors, get a very fitting it’s a boy story backdrop, and bake a cake to match.

Photo: Pinterest

Clever Saying Baby Shower Themes

I love a play on words, and the following baby shower themes are fitting for a range of baby showers!

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower

If this party is to celebrate mom’s second child, then sprinkled with love is a fun baby sprinkle theme. You can decorate with blue balloons and a sprinkled with love garland, but the star of the party will be the food. So grab your favorite blue and white sprinkles and cover doughnuts, cupcakes, pretzel sticks, and even dips, sprinkling the love on every food item possible. 

Oh Deer Baby Shower

If the mom-to-be is a deer hunter herself, or if the dad regularly goes out hunting, then an oh deer baby shower is an extremely fitting theme. Decorate the venue with green, white, and brown balloons, an oh deer garland, and finish off by topping cupcakes with antler cupcake toppers.

Baby on Board Baby Shower

The only theme suitable for a surf-loving family is a baby on board theme, and by board, I mean a surfboard. Start with a blue balloon arch to represent the ocean, add a baby on-board banner and throw in mini surfboards wherever you can. The best part is that you can take mom and dad’s actual surfboards and use them for decorations!

Ahoy, It’s a Baby Boy

Another ocean-inspired baby shower theme for boys is a nautical “ahoy, it’s a boy” shower. Again, you’ll want a blue balloon arch to represent the ocean, along with ahoy, it’s a boy decorations and other nautical-themed extras.

Oh Boy Baby Shower

A simple yet effective baby shower theme is oh boy. You can stick with the traditional blue theme for this one, inflating a blue balloon arch and adding an oh boy banner to the middle, or you can opt for a more rustic approach and incorporate natural tones instead. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Baby Shower

What better baby shower theme than the classic nursery rhyme, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”? After all, it will most likely be one of the first songs baby learns to sing, so gather up adorable star decorations, decorate with tones of blue, white, and gold, and of course, have your star-shaped cutter to create perfectly themed star-shaped food. 

Baby Shower Themes and Ideas for Boys: Final Thoughts

As I come to a close, I hope this list of baby shower themes and ideas for boys has helped make your theme decision a little bit easier because, trust me, I know how difficult it can be with so many great ideas!