Everything You Need to Know to Play Baby Shower Jeopardy

A baby shower should be fun, exciting, and truly honor the mom-to-be and her little bundle of joy. Party games are a great way to meet all of these criteria. While there are classic games like bingo, word scramble, and guess who, nothing beats baby shower Jeopardy. The game is insanely fun and allows every guest to feel included.

So, what exactly is baby shower jeopardy? Let’s find out!

What is Baby Shower Jeopardy?

Baby shower jeopardy is a party game inspired by Jeopardy! quiz show. It follows the same format as the show, where contestants must solve various clues, but it involves baby-themed categories instead. 

Not familiar with the Jeopardy show? Don’t worry. We cover exactly how to play baby shower Jeopardy further down, including the process, rules, and how to keep track of scores. 

Why Choose Baby Shower Jeopardy for a Baby Shower?

Baby shower jeopardy is an ideal game because it allows you to incorporate the baby theme while keeping guests entertained easily. It can also be a great way to reveal exciting news to your guests, like your baby’s name, who the godparents will be, and the expected birthdate. There’s also no limit to how many people can partake in baby shower jeopardy, making it suitable whether you’re hosting something big or small. 

Another great aspect of baby shower jeopardy is that most guests are familiar with the quiz show and will know how to play. Even if they don’t, the rules are simple and easy to pick up.

How to Set Up Baby Shower Jeopardy

While the Jeopardy! game show may have a reputation for being flashy, baby shower jeopardy is easy to set up and only requires a few supplies. 

You can stick to the traditional game version, which will involve some hands-on DIY, or you can opt for a digital version. Each offers a similar experience, but the digital version is ideal if you’re a tech wiz, know your way around software like PowerPoint, and own a projector (or can connect your laptop to your TV). 

Digital Baby Shower Jeopardy

A digital baby shower jeopardy is an affordable option that doesn’t involve lots of DIY. You can download a template baby shower jeopardy theme or create your own in PowerPoint. 

In PowerPoint, create a front page, a categories page with all the values, and unique slides for the clues. Each category value should be hyperlinked to the relevant clue slide. If you’re not too familiar with PowerPoint, you can follow this beginner-friendly guide on how to design a Jeopardy presentation.

When it comes to the design, you can change the slide background colors to match the baby shower color scheme, or you can use Jeopardy’s iconic navy blue hue. You can also download and use jeopardy typography to truly immerse your guests in the theme.

When it’s time for the baby shower, you’ll need to hook your laptop to your TV screen or a projector. If you use a projector, use it against a white background, as otherwise, the PowerPoint slides will be hard to see. 

Traditional Baby Shower Jeopardy 

The traditional method is ideal if you love DIY or don’t want to fuss around with computer software. You’ll need a poster board, stencils, and post-it notes.

Write out each category on a separate post-it note, using the letter stencil of your choice to make the writing look neat. You can opt for a stylized stencil, such as this Xangey set, or something closely resembling the Jeopardy! font, like the Yeajon store set. You’ll also need to write the point values on smaller post-it notes. 

Once complete, stick the post-it notes onto the top of the poster board — categories at the top, point values organized below — and hang up the board at the center of the baby shower. Make sure it’s easily visible from some distance.

You can use a whiteboard and draw on the categories for a more hassle-free and budget-friendly option. 

You’ll next need to write out the clues on A4 cards (and hide the answers on the back). You can use a different card color for each category, opt for blue to keep up the Jeopardy theme, or even stick to hues that match the baby shower color palette. No matter how you approach it, ensure plenty of colors are involved! 

Replicating the Jeopardy Buzzer

The buzzer is one of the most fun elements of baby shower jeopardy. Each guest should have their own unique buzzer to press. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable buzzer sets online. This particular set from Learning Resources contains four different buzzers, each unique in color and sound.

If you’re on a budget, you can instead ask guests to shout out their own names, animal noises, or baby-themed words. You can also have guests raise their hands or hold up colored cards.

Baby Shower Jeopardy Categories to Include (with Questions and Answers)

There are plenty of baby-themed categories you can incorporate into the game. You can stick to 6 categories like the traditional Jeopardy quiz show, but you can include more or fewer categories depending on how much time you have to play the game. 

Here are my personal favorite baby shower jeopardy categories:

Baby Books

This category focuses on popular children’s books throughout history. You can include modern titles or timeless classics such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Charlotte’s Web, and The Rainbow Fish. You can even incorporate general book facts in this category. For example, did you know that the tallest book in the world is over 80 feet?

  • I love you as high as I can reach. A: What is Guess How Much I Love You?
  • I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in. A: What are The Three Little Pigs?
  • These four siblings went to Narnia through a magical wardrobe. A: Who are the Pevensie siblings?
  • This little pig made friends with a spider called Charlotte. A: Who is Wilbur?
  • Peter plays this instrument in Peter Pan. A: What is a flute?
  • This creature eats one apple on Monday and two pears on Tuesday. A: Who is The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Baby Movies

This category is sure to leave guests feeling nostalgic. After all, baby movies shaped our childhoods and have stayed in our hearts for years.

  • This baby talks and behaves like an adult. A: Who is Boss baby? 
  • A giant rabbit-like spirit. A: Who is Totoro?
  • These mischievous siblings had their lives changed by a magical nanny called Mary Poppins. A: “Who are Jane and Michael?” 
  • This green Teletubby loves to dance, wiggle, and bounce around. A: “Who is Dipsy?
  • The little brother of Peppa Pig. A: “Who is George Pig?”

Nursery Rhymes

Here are a few nursery rhyme-themed clues you can incorporate into baby shower jeopardy:

  • This egg had a great fall. A: Who is Humpty Dumpty? 
  • Little Miss Muffet sat on this thing. A: What is a tuffet?
  • She came tumbling down after Jack fell. A: Who is Jill?
  • A mouse ran up a clock. A: What is Hickory Dickory Dock?
  • This tiny spider got washed away by rain. A: Who is the Itsy Bitsy Spider?

Baby Items

This category focuses on everyday baby items like diapers, bottles, toys, and binkies. 

  • Something that babies drink milk from. A: What is a milk bottle?
  • A basket-shaped bed that helps a baby sleep comfortably and safely. A: What is a bassinet?
  • A clothing item that covers the baby’s body. A: What is a onesie?
  • A silicone nipple substitute that babies can suckle on. A: What is a binky/pacifier? 
  • A device used to collect breast milk. A: What is a breast pump?

Pregnancy Facts 

While pregnancy is a memorable and exciting time, it’s also filled with many challenges! This category is a great way to inform guests about the mom-to-be’s experiences and how brave she has been (and continues to be) throughout her pregnancy journey.

  • A device that can be used to determine whether a woman is pregnant. A: What is a pregnancy test?
  • The 13-week-long divisions of a pregnancy. A: What is a trimester?
  • A tight feeling across the stomach associated with the cervix dilating. A: What are contractions?
  • This organ can expand more than 20 times its normal size during pregnancy. A: What is the uterus? 
  • A fluid-filled sac that protects the fetus during pregnancy. A: What is the amniotic sac? 

Baby Anatomy

This category delves into baby anatomy and can be filled with plenty of interesting facts. For example, did you know that a newborn has 300 bones, which is around 100 bones more than an adult?

  • The number of bones a newborn has. A: What is 300?
  • This cartilage gradually becomes bone over the years and helps protect the knee A: What is a kneecap?  
  • The process when teeth start to grow through an infant’s gums. A: What is teething?
  • The tissue that connects the mother to the baby during pregnancy. A: What is the umbilical cord?
  • A discoloration on the baby’s skin at birth. A: What is a birthmark?

Baby Animals 

Baby animals are just as cute as babies! So, a category dedicated to them will surely be a hit with guests. 

  • The official term for a baby dog. A: What is a puppy? 
  • The official term for a baby cow. A: What is a calf?
  • The official term for a baby deer. A: What is a fawn?
  • The official term for a baby bear. A: What is a cub?
  • The official term for a baby kangaroo. A: What is a joey?

Other Baby Shower Jeopardy Categories

There are plenty of other great categories you can include, such as:

  • Mom and Dad 101 (interesting facts about the mom and dad)
  • Celebrity moms
  • Famous babies
  • Baby food
  • Baby care
  • Baby names
  • Diaper bag items
  • Toddler facts
  • Disney movies
  • Baby conventions 
  • Cartoon characters
  • Baby music

You also don’t have to strictly stick to baby-themed categories. A good idea is to include categories that honor the mom’s and dad’s interests. For example, a great category would be famous landmarks if the mom-to-be loves traveling. 

How to Play Baby Shower Jeopardy

Baby shower jeopardy involves testing guests’ trivia knowledge, but with a twist: the answers, or “clues,” are given first, and guests must respond in the form of questions. 

Clues are organized into six overarching categories. Typically, the categories are baby themed, though some categories may be general or relate to the mom’s and dad’s interests. Each clue is also given a point value — the more difficult it is to solve, the higher the value. The player or team that accumulates the highest total value by the end of the game wins.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the game plays out and its rules:

  • First, choose one person to be the “host” and another to keep track of each player’s total score. 
  • Guests can play individually or in teams depending on the number of people at the baby shower. Teams must elect one player to speak and press the buzzer (the captain).  
  • The player/team that goes first must choose a category and point value. The host will then read out the clue card associated with the selected value. 
  • The players/team captains will then have an opportunity to press the buzzer. Whoever presses the buzzer first must respond to the clue card with a question. For example, “used to store all baby items,” “what is a diaper bag?”
  • If the player is correct, they earn its value and can pick the next clue. If the player is incorrect, they lose the value (deducted from their total score), and other players are allowed to respond. If no players get it right, the last player that responds correctly picks the next clue. 
  • The game continues until all the clues have been answered. 
Photo: Gitteogmille

Prizes for Winning  

Giving guests prizes is a great way to show your appreciation. Depending on your budget, you can offer guests chocolates, wine, plants, scented candles, gift cards, or voucher experiences. I’ve also compiled a list of easy and affordable baby shower game prizes right here

Keep in mind that while a nice gesture, prizes aren’t necessary, especially if you’re on a low budget. After all, at the end of the day, the guests are here to have fun and celebrate the mom-to-be’s pregnancy!

Final Thoughts

Baby shower jeopardy is a fun, competitive game that’s sure to liven up the baby shower and help all the guests feel included. I hope my tips and ideas above will help you host the perfect game! And if you need any more baby shower ideas, whether for decorations, party activities, gifts, or food, make sure to browse the rest of my blog.