27 Unique Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

One of the best ways to share the joy of a new baby is to throw a baby shower for a friend or family member. Hosting the party shows the new parents your love and support for their growing family.

Decorations give you an easy way to turn your living room, a park pavilion, or a restaurant table into a space for celebration for the shower. But, of course, you can put your own personal style and pizzazz into decorating, too!

Maybe you’re a pro at hosting parties but want to come up with some new decor you haven’t tried before. Or perhaps you have never hosted a party in your life, and you just now realized that you might want to put up a few decorations in honor of the occasion. Either way, you will find plenty of fun baby shower decorations to try here!

How Do You Decorate for a Baby Shower?

You can decorate for a baby shower in many different ways, ranging from buying a kit containing all the supplies you need to planning every detail yourself. You can set up several vases of fresh flowers and call it a day if you want, or go all-out by decking your home with a balloon wall and a selfie station.

Most showers focus on decor themes, like blue for boys, pink for girls, or yellow for a gender-neutral party. Picking a theme can help you narrow down what specific decorations you want to make or buy. For example, if you choose a “Busy Little Bee” theme, you could decorate with yellow balloons and striped tablecloths.

As you start planning, keep these decoration options in mind:

  • Add an interactive photo booth or guessing game to the decor to give guests something to look at and do!
  • For a sit-down party, why not make the table part of the party by adding centerpieces, themed tablecloths and tableware, and cake or cupcake toppers?
  • Of course, you can also decorate any aspect of the physical space, adding balloon arches, banners, streamers, or flowers. You may also want to add signs marking spots like the gift table and a party favor station.
  • To make the new parents feel super special, decorate a unique chair for the mommy and daddy-to-be with balloons and a cute sign!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys

Baby boy showers can rock many fun themes, like lumberjacks, cars and trucks, or the traditional “blue is for boy.”  

  • Nothing says party quite like a ton of balloons! So why not try making a balloon arch, a balloon wall, or several balloon bouquets in shades of blue? You can even buy kits like this one with all the balloons and tools you need.
  • If you have little ones yourself or can borrow onesies from a friend, string a clothesline across a wall and use clothespins to hang up onesies at regular intervals along the line. Next, clip tiny neckties to each onesie to add a “little boy” vibe! 
  • You could skip traditional decor and go with a Lego theme (especially if the parents like to build or design). Then, make Lego centerpieces and set up building stations so the guests can play, too!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Girls

While there is nothing wrong with traditional pink-and-sparkles decor for a girly baby shower, you can also branch out with themes like Winnie the Pooh, Sprinkled with Love Donuts, or “we can bear-ly wait” with teddy bears!

  • You can’t go wrong with circle fans. You can make them yourself out of fun shades of paper to match any theme or order tons online way cheap!
  • If you want a star theme instead, you can make 3D paper stars by hot gluing together a stack of paper bags. Check out this 2 minutes tutorial from Babble Dabble Do to learn how!
  • If you want a more sophisticated style of decorations for your baby shower, try adding some long, fluffy feathers into the mix! For example, fill a tall vase with feathers to make a stunning centerpiece. For an “about to hatch” or “little bird” themed shower, you could also use feathers laid over each place setting for a decorative touch.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Gender Neutral

You can’t go wrong with a cheerful gender-neutral set of decor that focuses on non-gendered colors like yellow, white, or silver and gold. Of course, you can find plenty of appropriate themes, such as baby animals, little cutie, rubber ducks, or special snowflakes, too!

  • For a fun play on the “shower” concept, make a cloud by tying together six or seven white balloons. Tape the cloud to the wall. Next, cut out tear-dropped-shaped pieces of themed paper, tape the drops to strings, and hang the string from the cloud like a tiny raincloud. (Or buy a kit like this one instead!)
  • If you don’t want to risk using a specific color, why not get balloons to spell out “baby” instead? This adds a special themed note to the decor without hinting whether it’s a boy or girl.
  • For a more whimsical style, thread a sturdy needle with twine and push it through the center of cupcake papers to form a cute streamer. You can find cupcake liners in any color or theme, such as these adorable rainbow candy-themed liners!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas On a Budget

One of the best ways to put together baby shower decorations on a budget is to get your supplies on clearance at a big-box store or from a Dollar Store. Don’t worry–you can dress up these cheap, simple items to make them look fabulous!

  • Buy several rolls of cheap streamers at the Dollar Store in a color that matches your theme. To hang them, cut six long strands of the same length and twist them together at one end. Tape up these bunches of streamers spaced closely together along one wall to create a colorful backdrop.
  • For a stunning dessert table, buy plastic wine glasses and fill the bottom with colorful candy that matches the theme. Then place a single cupcake on top of the candy.
  • For a seasonal baby shower, buy a couple of tall glass vases on sale and fill them up with plastic pumpkins, easter eggs, or other small, affordable seasonal items!

You can also save a lot of money by using or repurposing things you already have. 

  • Do you have a fabric stash piling up in your craft room? Make a fun pennant streamer by cutting out triangles of cloth using pinking shears. Arrange the triangles in a row and fold a long piece of bias tape over the top edge of all the triangles. Pin it in place and stitch down the tape to hold the streamer together.
  • If you have old mason jars left over from your grandma’s attic or a past attempt at canning, why not turn them into fun-themed decor? Buy a can of glitter spray paint in a color that matches your theme, and go to town! You can fill the “vases” with real flowers, evergreen branches from your yard, or helium balloons on strings.

Quick and Easy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The best way to get quick and easy baby shower decorations is to order a kit that comes with everything you need in one fell swoop. Of course, you do trade convenience for a higher cost, but if you need to put together a shower in a hurry, you may want to consider a kit.

  • This 40-piece kit comes with balloons, a banner, paper lanterns, and more! So if you want a classy, simple, or gender-neutral vibe, you can’t go wrong with a kit that covers all the basics.
  • If you want a specific theme, try searching Amazon for topics like “elephant baby shower” or “pink shower decor.” You can find ready-made kits on pretty much any theme!
  • You can even get kits that work well for indoor or outdoor showers! For instance, this woodland baby decor set could make a pavilion at a park look festive in no time.

DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

If you love arts and crafts, you can DIY the baby shower decorations and save some money while you’re at it!

  • If one of the guests has a balloon allergy, try making netting pompoms instead! Watch this three-minute tutorial from It’s a Party to learn how to make your own pompoms.
  • For table centerpieces, use cake pans, colanders, or even tin cans. Fill them with fresh flowers or make your own paper pinwheels using fun, themed scrapbooking paper.
  • Another fun way to DIY decorations is to make everything edible! For example, instead of flowers on the table, why not make cake pops? You can also carve fruit into cute shapes for table centerpieces, such as cutting a watermelon into the form of a baby carriage, adding a pacifier to a peeled melon to make it look like a baby’s head, or hollowing out a pineapple to hold flowers like a vase.

Baby Shower Photo Booth Ideas

Adding a photo booth or selfie station to the shower decor is a great way to get your guest laughing and having fun. 

  • You will want to make the photo station look obvious by setting it up with a backdrop or frame. You can make your own in many different ways, including taping up a themed plastic tablecloth on a wall or hanging garlands of paper cutouts like these from the ceiling. Of course, you can also buy a photo booth backdrop or frame if you prefer!
  • Another way to highlight the photo station is to use a frame made out of balloons. You can make a balloon arch or a balloon wall using easy-to-build kits like these!
  • You can also make or buy tons of different props for guests to pose with at the photo station. You can get elegant gender-neutral props like these or go with something more flashy and funny like this set!


Whether you handcraft every last centerpiece or tape up streamers from the Dollar Store, adding decorations makes your party venue come alive with baby shower spirit. The easiest way to begin planning decorations is to choose a theme for the shower and then add decor using colors or patterns that match the theme. For example, you can work with girl- or boy-specific themes or choose a more gender-neutral theme like baby animals.

If you don’t have much money to spend buying fancy decorations, you can easily make your own thrifty decorations, such as mason jar centerpieces or fabric pennants. However, if you’re short on time, you may want to buy a complete kit of decorations online instead.

No matter what theme you pick, you can put your personal touch on the party with your chosen decorations!