17 Sweet Baby Shower Cake Ideas for a Girl

A big and exciting event like a baby shower is never complete without a cake, and as the cake is the centerpiece of the food table, you must choose the perfect baby shower cake that fits your theme and leaves your guests wanting more.  

With so many different baby shower cake ideas for girls, you are spoilt for choice. From simple and subtle pink frosted cakes to more extravagant and eye-catching designs, you’re guaranteed to find a cake that the expectant mother-to-be will love.  

So, whether you’re handy in the kitchen or enlist help from a local bakery, these 17  sweet baby shower cake ideas for a girl will look amazing and taste amazing. 

1. Princess Cake

A fairly easy-to-make but elegant-looking cake is this Princess Crown Pillow Cake from Make Fabulous Cakes. The simple pink and white design will fit in with any pink baby shower decor, and I personally love how there are two crowns on top that represent both mom and baby. 

You can switch out the flavor of the cakes to suit your personal preferences, or you can even use box cakes to make the process even simpler. 

For this recipe, you’ll need both a 9″ square pan and a 7″ square pan, a veining tool, and a cake board

2. Rainbow Cake

If you don’t exactly have a theme in mind and you’re wanting to add a pop of color to the baby shower, then why not make a fun Rainbow Cake with 7 different colored layers? 

This recipe from BBC Good Food takes you through all the steps of creating a rainbow-layered cake, and you can choose to leave the top plain or decorate it with a baby shower cake topper.

If the bright, vibrant colors of the rainbow aren’t the look you’re going for, then you can also alter the food coloring colors and do different shades of pink ranging from dark pink all the way up to light pink. To do this, just add more drops of food coloring for the darker shades, possibly even adding a tiny drop of red into the mix, and fewer drops for the lighter shades. 

3. Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake

If you’re a lover of red velvet cake and raspberry, then this Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake by Country Living will make the perfect addition to your baby shower food table.

You will need quite a few ingredients for this cake, but the recipe is fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Aside from the ingredients, you will also need an 8-inch cake pan, a cake board, and pink edible flowers for decoration.

4. Pink Vanilla Bean Cake

This Pink Vanilla Bean Cake recipe may not seem like much, but sometimes the simplest things are the best. You can whip up this cake with ingredients and tools you have lying around at home, as all it calls for is some 8-inch round cake pans and ingredients that you should have stored away in your pantry. 

My favorite thing about simple cake recipes like this one is that you can adapt them and decorate them in any way you want. You can take this simple pink frosted cake and add cake toppers, fake flowers, and sprinkles to jazz it up and make it look far more extravagant than it actually is. 

5. Pink Swirl Cake

A Pink Swirl Cake like this one from Glorious Treats is beautiful both inside and out. The inside of the cake is comprised of 5 layers, all a different shade of pink, and the outside follows that same ombre theme with pink swirls. 

For this cake, you’re going to need an 8- inch cake pan (preferably more than one if your oven is large enough, as it will speed up the baking process,) a number 21 decorating tip, some piping bags, and pink food coloring in a lighter and darker shade.

6. Pink Drip Cake

Sticking with the pink theme, this Pink Drip Cake by ChelSweets incorporates multicolored pink layers, pink ombre frosting, and a pink chocolate ganache drip. It really doesn’t get much pinker than this!

You can switch out the pink candy on top with decorations that match your theme, or you could just leave the top plain, as it would still look equally amazing.

If you’ve never done a chocolate ganache drip before, I highly recommend a plastic squirty bottle, as it makes the process far more efficient and precise. 

7. Baby Onesie Cake

If you want to ditch the standard round or square cake shape, then this Baby Onesie Cake design is the perfect solution. You will start off with a rectangular cake in a 15″ x 10″ baking pan, and with a little help from a knife and some carving precision, you will transform it into the shape of a onesie.

Use your favorite cake recipe and follow the carving step-by-step instructions by Craftsy to create this cute and unique baby shower cake. 

8. Pink Swiss Roll

Everyone loves a Swiss roll, and with this recipe by Garnish and Glaze, you can create the cutest and most perfect Pink Swiss Roll that will compliment any baby shower. 

For this cake, you will simply need a 15″ x 10″ baking pan and possibly some decorations, like these pink edible butterflies, to spruce it up and have it fit in with your theme.

9. “Oh Baby” and Flowers Cake

Photo Credit: Cake by Susanne

For an “Oh Baby” Cake, you can use any cake recipe you like, whether that be plain vanilla, chocolate, or a more complex combination. 

You can also decorate with frosting however you like. For example, the picture above is what’s called a naked cake, where there is limited frosting on the outside so you can partially see the sponge. This technique gives the cake a rustic feel, and I personally think with some fake greenery, fake white flowers, and an Oh Baby topper, you have an extremely stylish and expensive-looking cake that you almost won’t want to cut into. 

10. Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cakes have been popular birthday cakes since the beginning of sprinkles, and to adapt a standard funfetti cake into a baby shower cake for a girl, simply switch the rainbow sprinkles out with pink sprinkles.

This step-by-step recipe by Sugar Geek Show shows you how to make the funfetti cake, how to ice it with some American buttercream icing, and how to do a chocolate ganache drip if that’s the style you’re going for. You can also skip the drip and decorate to suit your theme. It really is that adaptable.

11. Pink Surprise Pinata Cake

Another way to incorporate sprinkles into your cake is to create a surprise pinata cake. If you’ve never seen a surprise pinata cake before, then it’s simply a cake with the middle carved out. The middle is then filled with sprinkles or small chocolates, and when you cut into the cake, they all come spilling out. 

You can use this recipe by Epicurious, either keeping it how it is or switching the candy and sprinkles out for shades of pink.

12. Naked Sunflower Cake

Another naked cake idea that will look incredible at any baby shower is a Naked Sunflower Cake which you can create with any cake recipe. 

Decide on your sponge flavor and frosting flavor, give the cake a light frosting coat making sure some of the sponge is still peeking through, and top it off with fake or real sunflowers, as well as artificial Baby Breath flowers.

If you are using real sunflowers, make sure you tape the stalks before pushing them into the cake, as this will prevent any leakage from the flowers going into the sponge.

13. Rustic It’s a Girl Cake

Photo Credit: Pampers

If you don’t want everything at the baby shower to be pink, then this Rustic It’s a Girl Cake is a fantastic option. Again, you can decide the cake flavor and frosting flavor, and once your cakes are baked, simply stack them, lightly frost the outside, and add fake flowers of your choice, and an It’s a Girl cake topper.

14. Strawberry and Vanilla Naked Layer Cake

Frosting a cake can be hard, and if getting a perfect layer of frosting isn’t your forte, then let your cake be fully naked!

This recipe by Smells Like Home makes a Strawberry and Vanilla Naked Layer Cake, and you can’t argue that the pink frosting doesn’t look amazing sandwiched between the vanilla sponge layers. 

15. No Bake Cheesecake with Berry Toppings

If sponge cakes aren’t your thing, then this No Bake Cheesecake by Country Living could be an amazing substitution. The making process will take slightly longer than if you were baking a standard cake. However, I think the final product looks incredible, and if you were to have a summer baby shower, the fresh fruits would be a delicious treat. 

16. White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Alternatively, if you did want to go down the cheesecake route, you could opt for this White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake by Let’s Dish. The swirl of raspberry, in my opinion, is beautiful, and the pop of pink will link it to the rest of your baby shower decor. 

17. Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you’d prefer to create individual cupcakes instead of one large baby shower cake, then there is nothing stopping you! Pick out your favorite cake recipe and divide the batter into individual cupcake liners.

Once the cupcakes have cooled, ice them using a piping tip and a piping bag and finish them off with It’s a Girl cupcake toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Write On A Baby Shower Cake For A Girl?

You don’t have to write anything at all on a baby shower cake for a girl, but if you do want to personalize the cake, you could add the baby’s name (if it is common knowledge, that is,) or you can add more popular sayings like “Oh Baby” or “It’s a Girl”. 

How Do You Choose A Theme For Your Baby Shower Cake?

Typically people will theme their baby shower cake to match the general theme of the baby shower. For example, if the baby shower is woodland animal themed, then the cake would also include elements of a forest. 

If you don’t have a set theme for your baby shower, then you can’t go wrong with a simple pink cake or a naked cake with fruits and fake flowers.

How Many People Will A Baby Shower Cake Feed?

The size of your cake will all come down to how many people you need to feed. In general, an 8-inch two-layer cake will feed around 20 people, whereas a 15-inch two-layer cake will feed up to 60. 

If you do opt for a smaller cake size, then you can always add on cupcakes or donuts to ensure everyone gets a sweet treat.