The Top 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

It’s your baby’s first birthday, and if you’re on the hunt for the top 1st birthday party ideas for girls, you’ve come to the right place. 

Choosing the perfect theme for your little one can be difficult, especially as one-year-olds can’t exactly voice their preferences. But with these adorable first birthday party themes, you’re guaranteed to find a theme you love to help you celebrate your baby’s first lap around the sun.

How to Pick a Birthday Theme for a 1-Year-Old Girl

If your baby does have a favorite TV show or stuffed toy, then you can always base their birthday party theme on that. For example, if your mini loves Cocomelon, Bluey, or Minnie Mouse, then throwing them a party dedicated to their favorite show or character will always be a hit. 

On the other hand, I love themes that incorporate the word “one” or “first.” As there are so many ideas, you can head in any direction with beautiful decorations and color palettes. 

Birthday Party Themes For 1-Year-Old Girls

So, now it’s time for the fun part. I’ve put together a list of 15 girly party themes that’ll be ideal for your baby’s first birthday party!

One in a Melon

There is nothing better in the summer than a fresh cold watermelon, and if you have a summer baby, then a One in a Melon theme would be ideal for their first birthday. 

When it comes to decorations, this One in a Melon Birthday Set provides you with various melon-themed items that you can hang in your party venue. Once you’ve gathered your decorations, dress the birthday girl up in this One in a Melon Romper and Shorts, create a beautiful One in a Melon Cake, and send out One in a Melon Invites to all your guests!

She’s a Wild One

She’s a wild one is a fantastic theme that incorporates your baby’s age and personality. This She’s a Wild One Backdrop paired with this Green, Pink, White, and Gold Balloon Arch will make a fantastic focal point for your wild one party. 

Additional themed touches could include this Romper and Tutu Set, a Wild One Highchair Garland, and these beautifully illustrated Customizable Wild One Invites.

One Sweet Peach

Another fruit-inspired first birthday party theme is One Sweet Peach, which allows you to decorate your venue in beautiful pastel pinks. Start with a One Sweet Peach Balloon Arch and Banner Kit, wrap your baby’s high chair with a Pastel Pink One Highchair Banner, and make a delicious naked cake topped with a One Sweet Peach Cake Topper

Alice in One-Derland

Tea parties are great for all ages, and Alice’s tea party with the Mad Hatter is one of the most iconic. Throw in the wordplay of changing “Wonderland” to “One-Derland,” and you’ve got yourself a fabulous first birthday theme, especially if your little one’s name is Alice. 

The primary colors of Alice in Wonderland are pink, blue, and white, so create a Pink, Blue, and White Balloon Arch, lay the table with an Alice in One-Derland Tablecloth, Plates, and Napkin Set, wrap the birthday girl’s high chair with an Alice in One-Derland Garland, and finish your decorating off by hanging a One-Derland Banner.

One-Der the Sea

Under the Sea or One-Der the Sea, in this case, has been a popular party theme for both boys and girls. 

For little girls, you can head down the mermaid route of an under-the-sea theme using a Pastel Mermaid Balloon Arch, Oneder the Sea Invitations, a Oneder the Sea Backdrop, and a One Mermaid Inspired Highchair Banner. For more stunning under the sea party ideas, you can check out our under the sea article to help plan your party.

Aloha, Little One

A Luau theme for any party is always fun, even if you don’t live anywhere near Hawaii. Start by creating a Tropical Ballon Arch, hand out a Lei to your guests, dress up the birthday girl in a Luau Tutu Set, and string up an Aloha Party Banner to finish.

Some Bunny is One

The perfect theme for Easter-born bunny-loving babies is a Some Bunny is One birthday party. 

Backdrops like this Some Bunny is One Pastel Backdrop make the perfect photo opportunity while also covering blank space in a party venue. Decorate the rest of the venue with a Some Bunny is One Balloon Arch and Banner, top cupcakes with One and Bunny Ears Cake Toppers, and invite your guests to celebrate with Some Bunny is One Downloadable Invitation. 

Winter One-Derland

Although having your baby in winter really limits the types of parties you can throw for them (goodbye beach, outdoor pool, or picnic parties), you do get the bonus of a Winter One-Derland theme. 

I would stick with a standard blue, silver, and white color palette, but you can also throw in some pink if you wish. This Blue, Silver, and White Balloon Arch would make the perfect backdrop along with this Winter Onderland Garland Set

Add on this Winter Onderland Highchair Garland and Snowflake One Cake Topper, invite your guests with Customizable Winter Onderland Invitations, and you’re all set! 

Sweet One

I love the idea of a Sweet One birthday party. I mean, what’s not to love about bright colors and sweet treats?

Firstly, this Donut and Ice Cream Balloon Arch would be perfect, as well as this Sweet One Backdrop, where your guests can take photos with the birthday girl. Next, wrap baby girl’s highchair in this One Birthday Banner for that all-important cake smash, and set your food table up with Donut Plates, Napkins, and Cups.

Photo: Party Haus

One-Ce Upon a Time

You can’t go wrong with a One-Ce Upon a Time theme if your baby is a little princess. You can go with a generic princess theme with a Once Upon a Time Backdrop, a Pink and Rose Gold Balloon Arch, and Once Upon a Time Invitations, or choose your daughter’s (or your) favorite Disney princess and sway the decorations to match their color palette. 

First Bee-Day Party

There is something about bumble bees that makes them so adorable, and I love the idea of a First Bee-Day Party, especially for a baby born in the spring. 

Although bumble bees are yellow and black, I would opt for a Pink, Yellow, and White Balloon Arch and Pastel Bee Themed Napkins, Plates, and Cups. The black I would then incorporate subtly in small amounts, like in this One Bee Highchair Banner and this Happy First Bee Day Garland.

Photo: Rhea Ashlynn

First Trip Around the Sun

Your little babe made it a whole lap around the sun, and to celebrate, you can throw them a First Trip Around the Sun-themed party!

I am a sucker for sets that include everything you’d need to decorate a party, as they take away all the stress of buying multiple components from different vendors. This First Trip Around the Sun Set, in particular, comes with a backdrop, a highchair banner, a balloon arch, a cake topper, and even a birthday crown for the birthday girl. 

Once you’ve acquired your decorations, you can invite your guests with First Trip Around the Sun Invites and dress the birthday girl up in a First Trip Around the Sun T-shirt.

Photo: Irene Sarah

Berry First Birthday

The final fruit-inspired first birthday theme to make the list is a Berry First Birthday Party. Strawberries were the theme for my daughter’s first birthday! You will want to set up a Red, Pink, and White Strawberry Balloon Arch, decorate the birthday girl’s highchair with a Strawberry One Garland, hang a Berry 1st Birthday Garland, and invite your guests with Berry First Birthday Invitation. I also used a dark stain on wooden crates, put baby’s breath flowers in mason jars, and added this fresh strawberries sign for a rustic look.

Boho Birthday Party

A more generic theme for a boho-loving mama is a simple Boho Birthday Party. Put together a Brown, Pink, and Cream Balloon Arch, hang a Bohemian Inspired Garland with Hanging Swirls, and lay your table with a Bohemian Tablecloth, Plate, and Napkin Set.

Pastel Party

Babies love color, and if vibrant bright colors aren’t your thing, you can opt for a pastel party theme for your little one’s first birthday. For starters, this Pastel Balloon Arch Kit would make the most adorable focus point for your party, and once paired with this One Highchair Banner and a traditional Happy Birthday Banner, you’ll really get your simple yet beautiful theme across.

Games & Activities For 1st Birthday Party

Now, even if your little one has started walking, it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to participate in your typical party games. However, some games and activities you can play at your party include the following.


I haven’t yet met a baby who doesn’t love bubbles, so I suggest purchasing a Bubble Machine, stocking up on Bubble Solution, and letting the little ones pop bubbles until their heart’s content. 

Dance Party

Babies are so cute when dancing, so put together a baby-friendly playlist and have the little ones participate in a dance party. 

Tunnel Crawling

You may already have one to hand, but if not, purchase a Kids Tunnel and let the minis crawl their way backward and forward. 

Cake Smash

If you don’t let your baby have a cake smash at their first birthday party, then you’re doing it all wrong. Bake or purchase a separate mini cake (with icing) for your babe to devour. Be sure to have your camera ready because it’s a memory you’ll want to look back on for years to come. 

Food & Drink Ideas For 1st Birthday Party

I love to serve finger foods at parties, as it keeps costs down and lets guests choose foods that they know they’ll enjoy but, most importantly, eat. You’ll most likely have babies, toddlers, and potentially children attending the party, so here are some safe, easy, and affordable options that you can spread out on a dedicated food table:

  • Sandwiches
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks
  • Cupcakes
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Fruit salad or skewers
  • Cookies
  • Chips and dip
  • Pretzels
  • Mini pancakes
  • Jelly
  • Cheese sticks or cubes
  • Popcorn

Party Favors For 1st Birthday Party

If you want to send your guests home with a party bag, you can either get bags matching your theme or opt for Generic Party Bags that you can pack full of goodies. For a baby’s first birthday, I would include Bubbles, Pop It Toys, a Maraca, and a Coloring Book. Or if it is strawberry season near you, head to a local strawberry picking patch and pick fresh strawberries to give to your guest in these 1-pint baskets.

Gift Ideas For Girls 1st Birthday Party

Buying gifts for any age can often be a struggle, but here are my favorite gift ideas for 1 year-old-girls for a range of different budgets: 

  1. Baby Musical Mat
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Conclusion: 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

So, there you have it! 15 1st birthday party ideas for girls. I hope these theme ideas have helped you create the best first birthday for your little one. And although she won’t remember the party, you will ensure you’re having a great time celebrating both of your achievements in the past year.